Garfin August 23, at 9: Pradeep Neela August 20, at My mobile cannot get signals of SIM card in my home but in some places it starts working. Feh August 27, at My phone is only charging when I connect to pc. So pls assist asap! Any difference between the two?

2.3.6 jw6

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Rp September 7, at 9: Your comment may take some time to appear. Pradeep Neela November 19, at Yes you can, I have rooted it. I am in Australia. Yogesh Sharma August 15, at 6: Usman 2.3.66 26, at 5: Tayyab Jq6 26, at 1: I mean I need to go back to an older value pack which enables tethering.

Bilalchapra July 17, at Hallo guys, How is it going? My mobile cannot get signals of SIM card in my home but in some places it starts working. What advantage would I have with this update?


2.3.6 jw6

Is there any major difference between the two? Tethering option is not showing as well. My pc does not detect my phone when plugged in, odin doesnt turn yellow. I have very very little knowledge about ROMs rooting etc. Sujan Karki June 28, at 2: Downloaded the package, followed the instruction.

It keeps showing that no phone is connected. 23.6

I am not very techi person so could not understand how to open in recovery mode but little googling helped. Shaun July 27, at Pradeep Neela August 20, at 3: I am on XXJW4 which has been quite stable.

(jw6)(sgs1) للجالاكسي s1 روم ماندانا MANDANA v [الأرشيف] – الكمبيوتر الكفي

Pradeep Neela June 20, at 4: Now it wont get any sim signals. Garfin August 23, at 9: I have upgraded this ROM jd6 my problem still persists.

Very soon we will be coming up with a detailed tutorial on how you can root your device on XWJW6 firmware along with that we will also be coming up with a rooting workaround for rooting your Galaxy Ja6 I on XWJW6 firmware.


I was on Jelly Bean.

How to Update Galaxy S GT I9000 with Value Pack XWJW6 Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware

I would like to go back to that. HHH June 17, at 4: Is this a later one? Your email address will not be published.

2.3.6 jw6

Chamchoun June 26, at 1: