In this spring 7 on 7 league I will have a couple of players that will be on my team in the fall. These plays are easy to install and work very well at any age level. Your Coaching Experience New Coach. This rub concept can be executed to any receiver. Red at RB and Blue wide out left. Want more 7 on 7 7 v 7 offense pass playbook.

7on7 flag football playbook

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This post corner concept works very well against zone and man coverage. In the league I am coaching in 5 players can go out for passes and there is no formation or alignment requirement. Since this is a 7 on 7 league, we will probably play a lot of man to man coverage.

You can throw to both sides of the formation.

7on7 flag football playbook

In addition, we will practice playing defense with enthusiasm and effort. Check out our 7on7 7v7 offense pass playbook. Most 7 on 7 defenses plabook play man to man coverage, leaving them exposed to rub, combination, and play-action passing plays.

The center runs a whirlybird to the left. The Wheel route is almost always open.


7 on 7 Flag Football Plays

Each 7 on 7 flag league has different rules. QB motions out to the right ball is snapped to running back who throws the ball to a r See Also Rub Route Concept.

QB will motion out to the right. Quarterback will call running back in motion, fake handoff, and throw football the cen Jet sweep is an excellent way to get your athletes the football out in space.

7on7 flag football playbook

We will work on our cover 3 zone and man to man coverage techniques. Follow on Social Media. The QB also has the option to hit the 2 on an out route. If you see the defender is running across with the 7oon7, hit them with this QB keep. This is another excellent concept that beats zone tootball man to man coverage.

I push all my players to enroll in a 7 on 7 flag football league to stay in shape and prepare for the fall.

7on7 flag football playbook

QB look left and receiver drag across the middle. Running back lines up left or quarterback and runs to the right. The only issue with this play is that it does take a long time to develop. There will be a zone beating concept to one side and a man coverage beating concept to the other. Want more 7 on 7 7 v 7 offense pass playbook Tl- Whirly The center runs a whirlybird to the left.


Football formation red Delays with stutter step, then take the shuffle pass to the left Need more 7on7 7v7 offense pass best. After he ride fakes, he takes off to the left.

7 on 7 flag football plays – Playbooks, Play Designer, Wristbands

Below are our points of focus for our offense and defense:. RB takes hand off, gives to WO for a reverse. For more 8 man footba See also Stalk Blocking Technique. When they sit on the RUB, we will fake rub and have our 3 run a corner route behind the defenders looking for the RUB. Try out our 7on7 7v7 offense pass best.