Thanks to all those who help those of us that end up in a s t storm when things go wrong. Civil 3D with the new snap menu. I would much rather click UNDO after my toddler tips over a glass of milk at dinner than to go through the effort of cleaning it up. The very top entry inside this part of the CUI dialog will list your main customization file. Save and your off and running. The fix is amazingly simple.


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I think that because the XREF option toggled on, it displayed all the properties. So any changes that have ever acadlf.cui made to the CUI file are lost. Now, if you want to change what info is displayed, simply go back and toggle what you need on and off.

After a completly failed attempt at customising my workspace i was left with nothing working.

Im using AutoCAD and the command was changed when we opened one file which we dont know if it is a virus or what. Accadlt.cui would also come in handy when our new puppy pees on the carpet.

I have to give credit where credit is due, that post from the Seiler CAD Support Blog was the inspiration for this post.


Save and your off and running. I’m modeling my aircraft in Solidworks. Any time strange errors seem to be occurring consider the CUI as an option. I would much rather click UNDO after my toddler tips over a glass of milk at dinner than to go through the effort of cleaning acadlt.cui up.


Acad.cui 2012

I can output it into a PDF with good results vector graphics but I’m having trouble getting those into Word. Learn how your comment data is acavlt.cui. Here are the steps to add this ribbon tab to Civil 3D This was a solution from Autocad with the same results.

The versions I wanted to reset were and so, is found in the R Who in their right mind needs to see this much information every time they happen to pause over an XREF? It is sometimes difficult to detect when a CUI file has become corrupt but several unexpected errors can be resolved by replacing the CUI file with either a previous version or the original ACAD. This site uses cookies. I wanted to be able to reset the classroom computers back to a factory install for Civil 3D and This is an old wood stave water pipe they dug up doing a storm lin… twitter.

If not, you should be. When AutoCAD is launched for the first time it configures the software for the currently logged in user. I got a question… so I did all that, but my actual shortcut commands still dont work. So how can we reset the command setting?



Were you able to get the original ribbon back? Thanks to all those who help those of us that end up in a s t storm acarlt.cui things go wrong.


Keep in mind many of the Windows profile directories changed between XP and Vista. Thus I could see where you acadlt.uci run into issues importing a profile from XP to Vista. Once you toggle it on, it only displays the properties that are checked on.


Again, I know the default out-of-the-box install works for ; you may need to invest some time looking into your deployment, or even what type of Aacdlt.cui login scripts you have running. CUI file and can confirm the location is in your users folder. The fix is amazingly simple. Now, simply close the CUI editor and return to Civil 3D and be happy with your new snap overrides menu.

Now, for Civil 3Ddelete the R E — Shortcut commands such as L, C, etc are controlled by the acad. Both methods will take you to the Customize User Interface dialog.