It was tried to build more functionalities user requested and for optimization of existing constructions. In this section the dimensions and volumes of the horn, the horntype, and the shape function of the horn will be indicated. The input of the betas values remains unchanged, however the damping becomes now in the simulation observed as frequency dependent. It can also have a frontchamber. There is eventually a difference in distance between horn mouth and the bassreflex port exit relative to the listener position microphone.

ajhorn 6.0

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ajhorn 6.0

This value shows the frequency response of the effective excursion with a definite input voltage. Contents 1 Introduction 2 Simulation of the various enclosure types 3 First steps 4 Data input 5 Simulation results 6 Limitations of simulation accuracy 7 Comparison with measurements 8 Synopsis.

With the clever choice of the opening function horncontourthe loudspeaker perameters, and front- and rear-chamber volume, a linear sound pressure frequency response can be obtained. Each chamber of the vented bandpass should have different tuning frequencies otherwise a acoustic short circuit is the result one wave erases the other. The input of the betas ajhoorn remains unchanged, however the damping becomes now in the simulation observed as frequency dependent.

Some mouse klicks later, the user has added an absorber 6.00 and a bassreflex rear chamber.

ajhorn 6.0

If one input field remains empty, the device will be disregarded with respect to the calculation. 6.0 have tried to prove this with the folowing examples.

ajhorn 6.0

Rdc DC-Resistance This value, which is given in electrical ohms, describes the resistance of the coice coil when constant current flows through it. If the gradient of the shape and the frequency is very high, however, the wave is not plane no, it is also not a sphere-wave.


The input-data are the mouthheight Hthe mouthbreadth Bthe length of the vent L, Hornlengtha possible difference length dLthe area at the beginning of the vent AT, throat area and the volume FC, frontchamber volume. The length of the closed back chamber does with sufficient damping not have influence on the simulation result.

From this input data you can see what should be taken into consideration. Through the peculiarity of this function, the area also increases itself exponentially. The radius of a Tractrix horn spherical horn follows the tractrix-function.

Extension of the AJHorn impedance theory One of the most important technical reforms and also the time-consumingest is hardly visible on the first view. Zjhorn length of the bassreflex port lbr is calculated by Ajhhorn and shown in the window “misc”.

By turning over or changing the polarity of driver 2 the projects can be optimized, too. If a bass-reflex enclosure will be described as a Helmholtz resonator or as a rearloaded conical horn with a relatively big frontchamber whose throat area is equal to the mouth area – that’s a purely matter of definition.

Phase problems are the reason for that because the resonance frequencies of the single drivers lie often in the separation area. Because it’s an open construction, you must choose the Rearloaded Horn as horntype. Therefore we can’t give a guarantee for the simulation results.

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The throat area AHthe mouthheigth H and mouthwidth Bthe length of the rear chamber Lrc and front chamber Lfc are defined like the enclosure types above. With a horn, the cone amplitude will be reduced in a decisive measure and at the same time the sound pressure will be increased. For the determination of the parameters without a computer measurement-system books about acoustics may provide useful suggestions.


As you know, AJHorn can simulate various capabilities of a loudspeaker. AJHorn is then installed on your computer. The measurement shows good agreement with the simulation, especially in the low frequency range.

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AJHorn is a precise, scientific program with which Horn Loudspeakers and Transmissionlines and their special cases can be simulated. Also the throat area can have an effect on the linearity or the efficiency in the middle frequency range. To the compatibility with older versions, allways the values of DRIVER1 are selected and assigned to driver1 or driver2 of the current project.

The maximum xjhorn excursion can be much higher than Xmax.

AJ-Systems – Loudspeaker simulation with AJHorn

Because it’s an open system, the Rearloaded Horn as horntype must be chosen. Also – by adding of driver2 – systems with two bass chambers and different crossover frequencies or multiway systems can be simulated. This is the reason for the nearly incredible sound pressures which can radiate from a correctly constructed horn and for the legendary reputation of this type of loudspeakers.

AJHorn simulates through the expanded impedance theory in version 6 also the resonance frequencies of both ports and the chambers. Also, the port with a constant cross-section can run over the length, can open itself, or taper its area with length.