It was tough going at times but I saw it through to the end. Nakamura Tamao, supposely the soon-to-be step mom, pretents to be a maid and get to know the children of the man whom he is about to be married to. One thing I will say about Natsuki is he has a very vivid imagination and his fantasies were at times heartachingly sweet, irreverent and hilarious! The notable difference between Natsuki kun and Taiki kun was apparent when it came to confessing to his intended. Reviewed by dys on 17 March Designed by Tomohito Koshikawa.


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Akimahende | Japanese Dorama I’ve Watched Over The Years | Japanese

Psychometer Eiji will at least have the akimayende of cheesy special effects, if it’s bad. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the rest of the cast.

Maybe then I can make a better comment. I could have stood the older sisters more if they were legitimately adolescents, rather than year-olds who acted like spoiled brats. Uchida and Fujiwara shined!

And I really did want to slap Jun upside a couple of times. The older one is less irritating as a whole, but they combine badly. She was perfect as a struggling model with a determined head on her shoulders. Please understand that you may find out about this drama’s endings akimahemde plots! Great laughs at first, then it slows down and concentrates on the selfish and ridiculous kids with unrealistic and unsatisfying storylines.


Akimahende – ~Dream what you want to dream, go what you want to go~ — LiveJournal

In Akimahende he confessed rather boldly by episode 3 but in Abunai Houkago he didn’t get around to it until episode 11! Sam-O trying to sustain a secret relationship that gives way to Noriko giving Masahiko the nick-name “Pikachu” This originally aired from October — December If you’ve ever watched Akimahende, did you notice he looked off-camera several times?


Maybe I’ll wait until you’ve watched some and see how you like it before I consider picking it up again. Akimzhende story is likely to make your head spin; however, it’s definitely worth a watch! Excellent performance by Nakamura as a housekeeper who has to hide the fact she may marry the children’s father, plus as usual Yuki Uchida is superb.

I don’t think I would’ve ever finished this drama. Comments by Genma [Rating: Do not proceed if you do not want to read about this drama’s endings and plots!


Comments by minitotoro [Rating: Nino is always fun. I just had to go back and read to make sure I didn’t accidentally suggest he was doing Suzuki Anne! I’d tell you to make a living out of this, but I’m pretty sure you already are, somehow.



Comments by natzumi [Rating: I watched “Stand Up! I think I watched an episode of Psychometer Eiji and it actually interested me. She was one of the characters that akkmahende me laugh out loud in my seat.

Opening titles for Akimahende top and Abunai Houkago bottom. I can imagine myself wanting to strangle people or throwing my computer out the window out of sheer frustration with the characters. She soon learns however, that the kids are selfish and out of control. Which I would have loved to.

Designed by Tomohito Koshikawa. Comments by cheery [Rating: Comments by atleast13 [Rating: Tokujo Kabachi is not as painful as Bambino — he has a steep learning curve, but there’s no dishes to break just, you know, people’s bank accounts and such.