Intermediate dimensions should be interpolated. All surfaces, except textiles, tend to become more slippery when they are on a slope, when they are wet or when they are covered with grit, mud or talcum powder. The Standard is based on data resulting from empirical testing of persons aged between 18 and 60 years and may not be appropriate when applied to persons outside this age range. Acceptable solutions Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials An introductory guide to the slip resistance of pedestrian surface materials For people with severe finger or hand disabilities, these allow convenient operation by arm or elbow.

as 1428.1

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Previously, the BCA prior to made it much ae for project stakeholders to make this determination. Some people have difficulty using their hands or fingers; therefore, they will need controls, taps and knobs that are easy to operate. For people with low vision, colour contrast and good signage will be helpful, while tactile information may assist those with no vision.

as 1428.1

As part of the revision, relevant Australian Standards must also be revised. Compliance with AS Australian Standards are kept under continuous review after publication and are updated regularly to take account of changing technology.

If you comply with one of these options listed above, the doorway will comply. For more information, Access Central has published a specialised website just for luminance contrast — www.

Standards Catalogue

Ramps shall be provided with handrails as specified in Clause 6. Where a swinging door is provided, it shall be hinged from the side opposite the seat, and the circulation space outside the shower recess shall be in accordance with the requirements for mm doorways, in accordance with Figure C1 of Appendix C.

If two or more accessible unisex facilities are provided, at least one shall be of the opposite hand. This is certainly the case with the ideas presented in DeafSpace.


AS – Standards Australia

This clearance shall extend above the top of the grabrail by not less than mm. Available with hardcopy purchases only Part 1 of the series this Standard deals with those aspects of access to and within a building which are regulated by the BCA, including references to sanitary facilities for children in accordance with AS However, notwithstanding the minimum requirements for accessible features in a fire-isolated stair or an exit stair discussed ae, there is nothing wrong with a developer or designer going above the minimum requirements and introducing some of the other aspects of AS The seat height shall ass between mm and mm, and door openings a minimum clear width of mm.

Because of the variety of situations that may need to be addressed when designing buildings and 1482.1, it was seen as necessary for the Standards to provide a range of data so that the requirements for access can be met and to also allow for flexibility in design where limitations are imposed by other building conditions.

Transparent or opaque doors and walls help to identify changes in lighting, movement, or shadows outside the confines of a room. This helps people move through ws stairway to an exit and a safe place outside the building. Luminance factor is the zs of the luminance of a surface to that of an ideal white diffusing surface when illuminated and viewed under the same conditions and viewing geometry.

People who sign or lip read need lighting conditions that reduce shadows, visual confusion and glare on surfaces. Handles on sliding doors shall be not less 11428.1 60 mm from the doorjamb lining see Figure 11 b.

as 1428.1

Water supply pipes and waste outlet pipes shall not encroach on 1428.11 required clear space under the washbasin see Figure This Standard is part of a series which is comprised of the following: The clear circulation space shall be not less than the dimensions specified in the tables in Figure 12 for the appropriate clear opening width.


The availability of alternate methods of ordering food can help too, with a phone app or website to order in-house, through the drive-through or for home delivery.

When the seat is in the folded position — a b c the seat shall not present a hazard; the grabrail shall be accessible; and there shall be a minimum clear space of mm from the seat to the wall opposite or any ae fixture or obstruction.

The whole of the space allocated for any wheelchair shall not impinge on the dimensions required for aisles by more than mm, or for crossovers by more than mm. For guidance on slip resistant surfaces, see AS and HB For signs indicating the direction to a facility, the figure shall face the direction of the facility. The design and construction of grabrails shall comply with Clause 6.

Additional information is provided in AS The following equation is used: Means to assist xs orientation of people with vision impairment: They should speak directly to the customer even when they have an assistant or carer. Back in Maywith the introduction of the Premises Standards and changes to the Building Code of Australiawe saw the first of the accessible features introduced into fire-isolated stairs.