Lars have you been thinking on adding tree and grass masks like Frostbite engine has? I’m currently using Unity 5. Shaders Minimum version of Unity: I’ve sent my shader converted to Lars so he may include it in an update if he wishes. The Color Map ULTRA Terrain Shader is a versatile, powerful yet fast replacement for Unity’s built in terrain shaders and lets you create beautiful vistas and highly detailed terrain surfaces.

ats colormap ultra terrain shader

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CrosswayAug 29, Someone commented that cmu v3 can be used with Unity 5.

I’m still interested in all of them but i can very much live with only having an answer on those 2. BaldinoboyAug 18, Nov 20, Posts: So sorry, if there is no connection between material and how grass is then rendered.

ats color map ULTRA shader [RELEASED]

Shaders Minimum version of Unity: They are available on: Unfortunately we cannot accept submissions containing assets published to the Unity Asset Store by another author even if you have obtained that author’s permission. I’m hoping to have something to show quite soon, i’ve aleady made a terrain with some very pretty elements ehader to the colourmap but due to my own inexperience some of the terrain itself was quite ugly and not how i’d like to represent the shader.


For example, – I would like to do a stony plain and add a million little stone, like grass, but with normalmap? Apr 20, Posts: Nov 30, Posts: I tried to change all values and nothing affect it You can include an explanation of what other assets are needed, a link to the asset, and instructions on how to integrate the two packages, but you cannot include the package itself. You will have to hit this button whenever you make ast changes to the heightmap.

Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 05 – Coastal Area

Without it it tends to looks rather flat at a distance. We ask that you provide a link to a professional portfolio site to show your experience on your publisher page.

ats colormap ultra terrain shader

Log in Create a Unity ID. Dec 26, Posts: Create holes, mask water and snow accumulation or paint puddles and streams. This is normal colored: You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google account.

Only available if you use the tessellation shader. Changing any of the terrain settings immediately causes it to go back to normal e.

ats Colormap ULTRA Terrain Shader – Assets Reporter

KusrasSep 9, You skiped my question Can i use the detail textures that are part of the package commercially? Everything looks fine in edit mode, but as soon as I press Play, the terrain goes all dark, and remains dark after exiting play mode. Package details forst reported that the package contains at least the following files: Yes I am using default grass I used https: Multi UV Mixing — Get rid of nasty tiling artifacts on high-frequency textures like rock using Multi UV Mixing which is supported on 1 of the 6 layers.


ats colormap ultra terrain shader

SevenBits, it allows you to convert the ‘hacked’ monobehaviour approach to changing shader values into a totally legitimate shader with all properties exposed to a material.

Cheers BTW the inbuilt lod system is not so useful for a tiled mesh terrain teerain since the lower lods can’t be lightmapped so if i decide to continue with such a solution i will probably need a custom distance based lod system.

ats colormap ultra terrain shader

If that is possible it could provide a solution for large terrains which are not so efficient in unity.