I think out of the songs that were reedited, Darkwave Surfer was the one that disappointed me the most becuase it did take all that was good from the original and took it away. Transcrypt to me has a more band sound from the start with a guitar melody playing with loud drums. Ending off the first EP, V. I was kind of curious as to how they can make a Jitterbug from Halloween but it was quite a loud impact. Sweet that it ends with the guy announcing the group. I think Flare Stack has one of the coolest sounding intros ever! May 5, 3rd Razors on Backstreet Release date:

aural vampire soloween single

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It still has the crazy synth melody though so iono…. The creepy voice scares the shit outta me.


The music video for Soloween is animated and made by their own member Raveman. Then in the last couple of second the band just goes hogwild until it dies down and the voice closes the album…odd. Crimson Tyrant is possibly the most demonic song of the album. The same problem resides in our track as well.


I do admit that 69 Balloons was my favorite out of the 2nd E. Preservative Woman has the most obvious Asian influence with all the Japanese strings and synth melodies. Finally we have the single the preceded this album and was the first time we heard Aural Vampire as a singlr.

Aural Vampire

Why is the final track the oddest of the album? Aural Vampire — solarblade 1: They did add an introduction to the song and so other soloeeen sounds which is pretty cool. Murealism is probably the fastest song on the album. Sweet that it ends with the guy announcing the group. If you find one in Proxy Shopping Search results, go to the product page and click on “Get a Siingle button.

Otherwise, Aural Vampire has done quite well here!

Track Listing Main Theme. I think Flare Stack has one of the coolest sounding intros ever! Still a good song! I love the drum opening into this trance track of theirs. Alert me about new releases by email. Some of the tracks are neatly created and the tracks that got retouched got it good too.

Soloween – generasia

Track Listing Kerguelen Vortex. After all the previous released songs we get into voodoovocoder which turns out to have been released, but not onto their official discography. Strange and long instrumental, but really creepy. Do you guys remember this solowesn from their first album? All the songs were pretty awesome including that instrumental, Raging City.


This one actually fades out.

aural vampire soloween single

Wow, this just came out of nowhere for me! Back to Halloween instrumental Back to Halloween instrumental.

aural vampire soloween single

It brought the dance fever back and included another movie theme in the song. Artwork and Theme The album has an 80’s horror theme.

Back to Halloween Back to Halloween. Aural Vampire — solarblade 3: Though EXO starts to sing at the 1: At least they kept it sounding like a Mortal Kombat tune right?

The song is good because it has a sense of direction and sounds almost New Wave-ish.