Posted December 19, I just tried to create a portable App of Unreal Tournament 2k4. Try to stay consistant. June 13, – 2: I’m waiting on a response email from the author.


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The source code is from an old version. I’m just coming back from an extended break from PA.

April 21, – 6: Another thing that I think it should be different is the compression with UPX. The Name of the folder is used as the name for the created exe file.


It looks like we are not able to write back some files autoit-v3-wfx they are going to be in C: What you need to edit in the. Regedit Control – Registry browsing history, quickly jump into any saved key. Any way to have also these files copied in the right place, apart doing it with a Batch file?


The last two steps PAC take are closing regshot and removing the temporary folder it uses. There is any way to circumvent this lock?



When I clicked on the link a website came up and a bunch of letters were on it and would not stop loading. Seeing that there is a new version of PAC, I’ve downloaded, compiled and tested the same program with this, but with 0.

AutoIt Portable Beta 1 |

October 3, – 6: Share this post Autiot-v3-sfx to post Share on other sites. It would be nice if you made it so that we could tell it the directory we want it to place the App we are creating. See code below for layout. The problem is with basic Scite, the guide with full version working fine Edited January 15, by johnmcloud.

Apart this, your program is great. Why not upload the video on Youtube, etc. AutoIt error with PAC 0. Sorry, I’m a bit new and still figuring this all out.

March 7, – 7: If you change the link to the direct download link eg – http: I’ve tried to build up a Portable version of Advanced Uninstaller 9. January 9, – 1: The only issue I have is being a newbie. Too many lonely hearts in the real world Too many bridges you can burn Too many tables you can’t turn Don’t wanna live my life in the real world. If you received this, you were successful! I’ll try to have something done over the weekend.


Inconspicuous – Hide files in plain sight, not fully encrypted. I am working on autoit-v-sfx newer version of PAC for a few weeks now, which a.

AutoIt Portable Beta 1

Nothing spectacular, but in my eyes very useful. Ie, to become truly portable application portable. January 21, – 8: