A paper ball can be blown into the air by ventilators and can roll up steep hills easily. This is a download button. The puzzles in each level are based on the physics engine and solving them takes reflexes as well as common sense. Some parts of the later game have large-scale puzzles with multiple intertwined paths that become confusing, making me wish the game had an automap function to better understand my surroundings. To my understanding, the official website www. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Its surface is not smooth, unlike the wood and rock ball, and so its movement is slightly variable.

balance cyparade

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Passing these levels always seemed reasonable thanks to strategically placed checkpoints that save your progress before and after the balanxe difficult bits of each level. But these are exceptions to an otherwise simple, functional interface.

balance cyparade

October 26, at 4: An Adrenaline Vault review by Bob Mandel described the game’s graphics as “heavenly”, particularly admiring the “exquisite detail”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are 12 different levels. The gameplay is similar to Marble Madness: Posted in Logic PuzzlePuzzle.


balance cyparade

This is a download button. November 17, at 3: Retrieved from ” https: January 19, at 9: On occasion, the player has to push other balls down holes or onto rails to continue rolling along the path.

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Paper is light enough to be blown upwards by fans and can climb some very steep walls but lacks the mass to manipulate other objects. Ballance is a 3D puzzle video game for Microsoft Windows.

Certain parts of each level will require you cyparase switch between materials in order to progress. April 2, NA: As the player navigates the ball along a path each become more difficult than the last.

The side-rail is introduced in level 3.

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The paper ball is very light. Leave a Comment Click here balancf cancel reply. In level 12, the player’s ball has to balance on the center of the mono-rail, which composed of only one rail. Each level requires the player to complete physical challenges, which often have more than one puzzle to solve.

Its surface is not smooth, unlike the wood and rock ball, and so its movement is slightly variable. It is the very first ball, used in the easy levels.


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The unusual concept is nicely executed and enjoyable. August 14, at 8: Depending on particular circumstances, each material can either be an asset or a liability.

This page was last edited on 21 Augustat Shifting between them equals to changing your body mass, adding new depth to puzzle solving. The wooden ball is very stable and can be used for several puzzles in the game. Archived from the original on 11 December Two power-ups are available. The object of the game is to steer a ball using your keyboard across twelve vertigo-inspiring levels that become increasingly difficult as you progress.

It was developed by German studio Cyparadepublished by Atari and first released in Europe on 2 April