Join the community today totally free – or sign in with your social account on the right and join in the conversation. The color of Sauron skin dark. It instantly gives the AI times more cash and all the Ring Powers unlocked. This shortcut allows you to play my mod, using the normal shorcut enables you to olay the unmodded version of this mod. Saruman fireball damage increased Only registered members can share their thoughts.

battle for middle earth 2 walroth mod 3

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The one he has currently is awful. Units -Goblin spearmen -Dragon Well see it for yourself. Mumakil’lere yeni upgrade eklendi.

Walroth Mod 3 (Beta) – The Lord of the Rings: the Battle for Middle-Earth II Mods | GameWatcher

Sharku 1 new skill added. Balrog Gothmog armor Increased. Lurtza 1 yeni skill eklendi. Saruman damage increased and attack speed increased.


Added new animation Elrond sword strike. I think there is a fine line between a challenging game play and a ridiculous system which feeds the AI an abnormal advantage. Gandalf give new sounds. Feanora 1 yeni skill eklendi.

Views 4, 1 today. Added new opening video Units, pp, hero, hero skills and buildings pictures change.

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By default, it should be: Elrohire 1 yeni skill eklendi. Lungorthin health Increased This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, midrle now to view.

battle for middle earth 2 walroth mod 3

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Witch king battke increased. Walroth Battle for Middle-earth II. Witch king new sound added.

battle for middle earth 2 walroth mod 3

Sauronun attack speed increased. Glaurung fly skill fixed. New Change erath English; Men Tulkas added. Sign in or join with: Saruman many color been strengthened and price Increased.

Gandalfa yeni sesler eklendi.

Walroth Mod 3 news – Mod DB

Elladana 1 yeni skill eklendi. Mouthofsauron new animation was added to the doubt and dissent Isengard.


battle for middle earth 2 walroth mod 3

Carcarotha 2 skill eklendi. When Elrond come up with Isildur, there can be a conversation between them.

Walroth mod 2 news

Please make the buildings stronger. The color of Nazgul skin dark. Saruman fireball damage increased The color of Witch king skin dark. Move the shortcut file called “The Battle for Middle-earth batle II ” into any folder where you can find it or into your desktop, it doesn’t matter where it is.