Sound 5 of 5 The overall sound of Galaxy II pianos is very moving and singing. Music Radar, 4,5 stars. Intelligent EQ for warmth, punch and brilliance Sympathetic string resonance with real overtones Flexible and easy-to-use velocity editor Convolution reverb with many different types of rooms, concert halls and ambience Adjustable stereo width and position Specially designed compressor for pop piano sounds Pad Machine Warp Engine for sound design beyond regular piano sounds Galaxy Steinway Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, piano maker of the Steinweg brand, emigrated from Germany to America in Mag sein, dass es in drei Jahren wieder was Besseres gibt. For me the acid test of any vsti hinges on a number of factors: Please sign in with your login credentials.

best service galaxy ii k4 steinway

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Galaxy Steinway was recorded in 5. Jetzt noch etwas vom typischen weichen Pedal-Klacken hinzugeben und die Saitenresonanzen ein bisschen hervorgehoben. Tutorial 2 – Noises 3.

Galaxy II Pianos

Neueste zuerst Letzte zuerst. The Steinway Model D is probably the most popular concert grand of all. Tutorial 1 – Articulations 2. The following list shows, whether the respective Kontakt version is compatible with your operating system: All languages German English French.

Galaxy II Steinway | Best Service |

Virtual Electric Piano Download Meticulously sampled unique ‘road-worn’ vintage electric piano, Stteinway sampling by hand for individual and organic sound, Mixer for ambient noise components, This Website uses Cookies. Die Software kann 30 Tage im Demomodus betrieben werden, danach muss man sie registrieren. This product requires Native Access for installation, registration and activation. Additional resonance release and noise samples have been added and all the 30GB of samples gqlaxy Galaxy II have been revised and enhanced.


I-Beat Machine Plug-in Download Intelligently analyses and decomposes percussive audio loops and samples into four to six layers, Bbest editing of layers with loop points, EQs, effects Though the lower octave was often hidden under a small hinged lid on the original, with Vienna Grand they are playable— although mostly for effect, as they lack a musically pleasant pitch.

Immerhin aber kann man sie ja auch einfach ausschalten. And, of all things, a compressor control is located under the tone menu. By far the purest sounding tone comes from the stereo-compatible Galaxy Steinway 5.

The main menu displays a condensed view of more commonly used parameters pulled from the five sub-menus. Sound 5 of 5 The overall sound of Galaxy II pianos is very moving galaxh singing.

best service galaxy ii k4 steinway

Continue browsing to accept. Virtual Folk Music Ensenble 24 High-quality instruments, e. Instead it uses different samples for different settings, dynamically mapping and balancing the volume differences between the softer and harder samples.

Galaxy II Pianos | Best Service |

All languages German English French. Multi-sampled at several velocity levels and at whole step intervals, all three pianos sound terrific.


best service galaxy ii k4 steinway

The quality of the samples and the sheer amount of work undertaken to manage them into a sound design concept has to be applauded. Work for Home,Is’s nice software.

So soll es sein!

This long awaited successor to the release of Galaxy Steinway 5. User interface version 4. It does not take away from the body of the original but adds a little extra that can be useful when searching for something different.


Galaxy II pianos’ sound is classical. The recordings alone have been professionally executed and this is a breath of fresh air for me as a sound designer that is anal when it comes to sample management.

I think it is an overall combination of all the above that keeps veering me towards Galaxy 2. Servife, the Reso control lets you blend in samples of sympathetic string resonance that have been captured with the damper pedal down, but separately galacy the dry tone. The German Baby Grand offers a distinctly cozier, more vintage sound with an intimate, singing tone.