We must also provide additional instruction and educa- tional services due to increased enrollment. Organized activities relatinp to instructional depart- ments Total educational and general II. A part of section of the Code, , is as follows: Moreover, throughout the country, wages and salaries have in- creased. The proposed expenditures listed in the operating budget of the college for the current fiscal year can be conveniently assembled under two main headings:

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That educational institutions are just as thor- oughly upon a competitive basis as is any business. School of Religion Rockefeller Fund. It is estimated that the total registration of allkinds for the present college year will approximate 21, We always have vacancies to be filled. These increases have been especially noteworthy the past six months.

Total sales and services of educational departments G. To provide, through the facilities of the extension services, authentic technical information of value to farmers and their families, and to men in industry. Receipts for plant extension a. SO 3, 00 3, This item makes a similar provision for the University of Iowa. Poultry raising and upholstering have been added to our vocational course of study.


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II II “” a! The state income tax has further added to their fgp burden. The school needs greatly a. Monroe County Primary Road. Maintenance of selected pure and inbred linos of corn that have been developed.

It is a matter of great satisfaction that our music teachers have always stood for high standards in music. Bazaar britney harper magazine nude spear. It is absurd to assume that you can take that much out of its support and still have the University. Nude art pics of women.

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Most of them would be called successful. Johnson Memorial Samuel Lefevre Memorial. The following organizations have specifically requested the Station to request this allocation of research funds from the State Legislature: Total on two-year curricula.

blue ftp 5.00.55.apk Law Commons See Schedule B-2k 32, Investigations of the effectiveness of heat-treating steels and alloys used in machine tools and metal products.

In ac Oratori surance W.


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The teaching-load should be somewhal lightened. Fellowships and Scholarships 3, Fp appropriation for Miller Law Luther A. It is the responsibility of the Iowa State Board of Education to vlue what the University needs to enable it to provide such educational opportunities. Brought Forward from Inventory 42 5 5 1 2 5 4 5 13 16 32 2 2 6 6 2 24 12 2 2 20 26 2 Made During Cost of Materials 51 18 55 3 5 64 4 24 37 My friend hot mom ava addams.

The addition would be very valuable for campus and recreational purposes.