Yes, Bench is female. With one of them being repeated at the end. Mustard gas and trenches. The production can brag with vigour and robustness. The riffs on the album can be described as death metal with deep roots in thrash that are as upbeat as classic NWOBHM. Every song here has its exceptional strength and heaviness.

bolt thrower killchain

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Those Once Loyal is different.

bolt thrower killchain

There’s no solo to speak of on this one, either. I’m not even kidding when I say that the verse riff for “At First Light” the one at 1: Bolg is the best production job that any Bolt Thrower album till date has had.

I may seem like I partake in too much hyperbole when talking about Bolt Thrower but their music speaks for itself, I have gotten many non death metal fans to listen to this record and each one of them loved it. Here everyone is given a fair bllt.

Lets talk about the start for a moment. Those Once Loyal is a huge comeback from the band, featuring the return of Karl Willetts and going back retro style with this album. Ten years ago, Bolt Thrower were in an awkward place.

I’m sure other drummers will agree that the drumming on Those Once Loyal is very simple to play, but its combinations that I would not have expected to sound so refined and perfectly support the music.

Bolt Thrower neatly sidestep it by removing any sense of nationalism from their lyrics. After you do this, you will be able to always log in to http: The chorus riff is just an embellishment of the verse riff and the verse riff is precise and deadly as a bullet fired by Corporal Francis Pegahmagabow.


Scientific achievements, the greatest literature, surviving architecture and music among others.

The Killchain

Bolt Thrower has put out a stunning release almost 20 years since their debut. By the way, these imitators also have some good songs up their sleeves. Really, the whole album feels like a bunch of verses, with no choruses, simple 3 bridges in each instead of a chorus. When pre war music is discovered, Mozart, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin will be among a host of music to be consumed as relics of a time gone by.

Unfortunately, the next three songs all follow a more mid-paced vibe, Last Stand Of Humanity still sounds fresh, and is still a pretty damn good fast to mid-paced song. I know it’s the most cliche thing in the universe to compare a Bolt Thrower album to something war related, but seriously, they really embodied the whole WWI theme of the album by making it so fucking groovy.

The guitars are also really, really heavy and powerful. That Kearns passed away with this as his final recorded output is the kind of coincidence that inspires some people to believe in synchronicity or premonition. The vocal work here is exceptional, just packed with feeling and energy.

Let it not be said that I did not warn you about how wordy that rant was going to be. The bass sound is especially excellent — rumbling, rattling, crushing everything under endless waves of low-end, yet the individual notes are quite audible.

Bench’s bass also tends to get a ton of kudos, on this album in particular, and I just can’t bring myself to agree. It’s just as secure and no password to remember! The main riff is the absolute of perfection.


They only aim to annihilate everything that stands in the way of the mighty, towering colossus that is Bolt Thrower.

Those Once Loyal – Wikipedia

For Victory”, and completely destroys everything recorded since. I mean come on, let’s be real here, Willets was never a particularly gifted vocalist.

All the tracks are great, there is not a single weak track on this album, it’s all slower paced Death Metal, something which I can appreciate a lot more than most Death Metal which many times sacrifices skill and creativity for speed and just shit-sounding heavy blasting stuff like Deicide.

In the past there have always been one or two tracks which have disappointed, but i cannot find any here. It might be my favorite death metal album ever. Every single song has at least one instantly classic riff, be it one of their super fast ones like “Entrenched” or “Symbol of Eight” the second best bonus track of all timeor one of their groovier numbers like “The Killchain” or “Salvo”. However Salvo seems to be lacking a little, and runs on way too long, and lacks any catchy riffs, or simply aggressive rhythms.

bolt thrower killchain