It is, really, a pretty calm and realistic story of two people falling in love. Miles was sent, Auditorially, off to Sergyar with Ekaterin to get him out from underfoot, which does leave suggestive space in his history for another story, too. What made the relationship work for me was that I could see very well what she liked in him. The trials and tribulations Ivan goes through to do right prove his reputation as a slacker to be unfounded. How did this all happen??? However, one can’t see Ivan wanting to marry anyone very forceful, driven, or complex, really. Beware of spoilers below!!!

captain vorpatril alliance

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Ivan Xav was good at that, it occured to her. View all 8 comments.

Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance by Lois McMaster Bujold – Baen Ebooks

I would make a comparison to the movie Meet the Parentsbut Bujold’s story is funny, and smart, and sexy. Some of the deeper psychological insights that made other of Bujold’s books strike heart and bone are missing here, but it doesn’t feel like a lack, just an incompatible feature with the sort vorpatrli tale being told here.

By the way from my personal experience I can say such people exist: Surprisingly, the romance that was meant to be a secondary plot carried the story forward best. Which to me sounds like a waste of good material.

Likewise, I don’t see how Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance fits in between Diplomatic Immunity and CryoBurn which other readers have assured me is the “correct” chronological order of the books even though they were written in another order. Simon Illyan’s pride being one of the most notable–the man finally gets bored enough to screw up, and Gregor is forced to quietly suggest caltain Lady Alys that she take him on a long vacation.


Sign up for a new account. So for me the book failed miserably as a romantic comedy, however it provided a fascinating point of view on Barrayar and my rating reflects captaon.

Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance – Wikipedia

Hardcover1st Editionpages. The last two books Diplomatic Immunity and Cryoburn were still enjoyable but showed some sort of “weariness” in my opinion, as if Ms. Most only write 3 or 4 so we’ve gotten our “fill” thrice over.

captain vorpatril alliance

The family is working against time before their emergency visa runs out. From his childhood Ivan was smart enough to realize that playing dumb is a good way to get people to leave you alone and this was Ivan, you idiot!

captain vorpatril alliance

Now, I’d really like a book from Gregor’s point of view. View all 4 comments. And to see some of what happened “on the side. If not, what the hell’s wrong with you? While it is possible to read this as a standalone I wouldn’t recommend it. All, it all, another excellent book in the series. Then I figured out what was going on–or so I think I have. Bujold had lost the drive and delight she shared with her readers in fleshing out this universe, so I greeted this new work with the hope that a change of scenery would infuse new life in the story.

The benefits are that I’m disease-free, all my organs are in great shape, my teeth are my own with no fillings, and my bones are unbroken.


Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance

All he had to do is protect a beautiful woman and her half sister from various enemies that would do them harm. Plus, the back cover is embarrassing enough to make me flip the book over if I see someone coming Retrieved from ” https: Lois has done these before, more than once, and at a 5-star level without question.

While Miles does put in a cameo appearance, he is simply another oddity in Ivan’s family. It started out implyin I’ve given this 4 stars but wish I had half-stars because this is a smidge more than a 3 but not as much as a 4.

He goes to the shipping company she is working for and under the pretext of sending the ugliest ever vase to Miles, he tries to ply her with his charms. Still, I’m glad I listened to t The first book that features Ivan as the main character. Though I’m fairly certain that fan-fic writers are hard at work even as we speak to fill in those gaps. Byerly Vorrutyer’s request that Ivan make friends with an offworlder woman named Tej who may be in danger seems like the sort of low-key assignment Ivan likes–and, of course, he’s never averse to making friends with attractive women.