You are commenting using your Facebook account. Clear Inventory Filter on Close Inventory filter are useful — but can be annoying if you forget to clear them; if you do, you can re-open inventory and be confused as the last filter is still active. Linux SL development is in the long grass and there are no updates coming from LL or vivox, to cut a very long story short. But one of the main developers I think it was the guy who actually started emerald – the creator of copybot decided that a small part of the code was open only to him. But, it would not stay rendered. Notify me of new posts by email.

catznip second life viewer

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Everyone is different, so as was said: View all posts by Inara Pey. I do know it came to light when one of the other devs became suspicious about unusual commits that the rogue dev in question was making to the code repository and, when he wasn’t satisfied with the explanation he was given, started examining the code himself, and realised the checksums on the clean code he had didn’t match the checksums on the code in the viewer as distributed, which got him pulling things apart line by line until he found the underlying exploit.

catznip second life viewer

It is off by default. A slider in the General tab of the Preferences floater allows you to adjust the height at which name tags hover over the heads of avatars. The Collapse All Folders button has been available for a while. Posted August 17, edited.


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Try them both and pick catznipp favorite. Kitty also notes that with these maintenance releases, there will be a shorter transition period before they become mandatory for all users. This version specifically contains a Windows 10 fix for some Nvidia users, where on exiting Second Life, the system video is distorted.

We were loathed to do it as an empty SL isn’t any fun. My process was like this:.

catznip second life viewer

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Whether or not code is open source is, for most of us, irrelevant when it comes to security issues, since for most of us it might as well be written in ancient Etruscan.

Of the new features, I can say that they are a well-rounded set of quality of life options that once again presents Catznip with abilities that set it apart from other viewers and which secondd offer some good tools to assist ease-of use with the viewer.

Posted August 23, edited. This is a quick viewer. This uses the same shirt icon as the top-level buttons on the Quick Preferences panel, and when clicked, secondd open the Wearing tab of the Appearance floater.

A slider in the General tab of Preference allow you to adjust the height at which name tags hover above avatars in your viewer Notes: And the Windlight presets, while extensive, have been cleaned up.

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There is a notice on the download page explaining the problem and what you can do. Just pointing out an inaccuracy: So, that may not be a fair-to-Firestorm comparison.


My problem on catznip is that catznip don’t have option to hide other’s avatar like the option on FS. Similarly, if you have a folder set for the Quick Access inventory button, there is a new button again using the same suitcase icon that will catznpi the corresponding folder in your inventory.

For myself, I found that sfcond one was my case. Thanks all for make it more clear. But one of the main developers I think it was the guy who actually started emerald – the creator of copybot decided that a small part of the code was open only to him.

I decided it is just Catznip. Learn how your comment data is processed. When textures did finally render, they would drop back to a blurry render. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Catznip R12.2: a little extra quality of life

I ran into texture thrashing. I want opinions about the differences between then, please? But, it is the words we use to describe the problem.