Many describe him as not having anything close to a bad bone in his body and a very energetic and humble fellow. It comes as no surprise after the free megamix that was flying all over the place which made people go crazy a few months back. The song is about relationship problems which urges couples not to just give up on love when the days are not so good because such days will come and go in relationships. Get the album http: This time around he comes back with a level of maturity and this is prevalent in songs like Gogo featuring Nox.

chamhembe vol 1 songs

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Boyz remaTune kunyanya marasta will love this album which showcases some of the upcoming artists in the industry.

Alexio rose to prominence at the turn of the millennium during the days of Delani Makhalima’s Shamiso Entertainment alongside artists like the vivacious Plaxedes Wenyika, David Chifunyise, Major Playaz and Sanii Makhalima.

I think Take 5ive is trying a new formula and should maybe try to recreate the success of the older projects. Keep it up Cynthia! Get the album http: The mature content really takes centre stage on the last 3 songs of the album which were all recorded live and have some beautiful guitar playing in the background.

Cynthia Mare with Cahmhembe Diet Song. Lyrically it vl somewhat like a continuation of Chibvugubvugu.

chamhembe vol 1 songs

It is safe to say Backstage is a balanced album and maintains the same consistency throughout. Talk about a sing along and Ngaarohwe is a song many will probably love.


The return of Chamhembe – NewsDay Zimbabwe

This song has been well received by the Zimbabwean community ssongs the video gets regular airtime on national TV. Now this one is a winner for all the curvy honeys out there. It is more like an intro into Cee Jay’s world and it definitely managed to impress me especially as the first song. Nox is a household name in Zimbabwean Urban Grooves with 3 albums under his belt to date. Look out for the track Mangwana by Kevie, i hear its doing very well on the airwaves.

I like the diverse genres shown by the artists and they are testimony to Take 5ive’s production prowess. Posted by XBC Jumpoff at 7: Far Away by Fame Nickles and Animal by Snypa Chqmhembe are on the same page as well so if you happen to like Revolutionary Minds you will most likely appreciate these two.

The latter has a video which has done well shot on the Great Chamheme Reef of Australia.

chamhembe vol 1 songs

Cee Jay is back on the radar in after the success of his previous offering Desperate Measures. The skits on the album are not as funny as i expected and that’s no surprise seeing that Inspectah Fakasimbi Carlos the Cahmhembe is no longer part of the crew. He has featured on all Chigutiro compilations with hit songs like Chigutiro Anthem and many more. Iwewe is a very beautiful song and Sanii picks up from where he left off on Chanhembe. Listen to the song http: It is a smooth song with some exceptional vocals from Nox singing about missing parental love after losing his parents.


chamhembe vol 1 songs

Alexio Kawara has been one of the most exciting artists of the urban generation and has continually transformed over the years with a string of hit songs and successful projects spanning over 8 years. Acoustic – Sanii Makhalima On a Zimbabwean scale, it is one of the best Zim dancehall albums around.

Chamhembe Compilation Vol 1

I think this is one of the finest productions i have heard out of Zimbabwe. On the album, songgs are 2 versions of this song and both are equally brilliant with one more inclined to a smooth reggae vibe and the other more to jazz.

One In A Million is one of the songs of the album and will touch many hearts especially the ladies.

Maybe remixes would have been better, at least that is my opinion. This serves as a let down because the songs do vo predictable in the end. This album saw the switch from computer generated music to a predominantly live sound which has a seductively jazzy twist to it.

Arumwa is a jazzy piece that is set on mid-tempo about a family’s quest for survival in this cold world with chamhembr prompting them to visit the witchdoctors to further their good fortunes.

It boasts of a sound untapped by many with undeniable African energy carried through the musical composition. Mixtape Vol 1 – 25 To Lyf.