When the installation is complete, restart the server for the update to take effect. Reboot the hosts sequentially, starting with the Pool Master. First, create an SMB share on your network. Select yours and press Enter on your keyboard. July 8, at

citrix xencenter 6.5.1

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This hotfix also includes the following previously released hotfixes: Once the update has installed, the server must be restarted for it to take effect.

Hotfix XS65ESP – For XenServer Service Pack 1

After the short download and installation, the Citrix icon will appear on your iPhone. If there is insufficient space to upload the update, an error will be displayed: If there is enough space, the wizard successfully completes the upload. Please provide article feedback.

Extract the xsupdate file from the zip. Installing the Service Pack Important: An example of what the path will look like is given under the Share Name input.

If your server is not compatible with virtualization technology or the option is disabled, you will get the following message when attempting to install XenServer: After applying this hotfix, customers should upgrade the XenServer Tools in each Windows Virtual Machine VM in order to maintain .65.1 supported configuration.


Download and Install Citrix XenCenter 6.0

Installation will take a few moments. For each host, migrate the VMs that you wish to keep running, and shutdown the remaining VMs before rebooting the host. After logging into MyCitrix.

Wait 30 seconds after losing the connection and then reconnect manually. Not to mention, get full access to the help contents. Follow the on-screen recommendations to resolve any update prechecks that have failed. I downloaded and installed the x64 version of the JRE 1.

XenServer Service Pack 1

If it all looks good to you, ensure the box beside Start the new VM automatically is checked and click the Create Now button. Click Next when complete.

citrix xencenter 6.5.1

The Install Update wizard shows the progress of the update, displaying the major operations that XenCenter performs while updating each host in the pool When the update has been applied, click Finish to close the wizard. You can configure your network connection in this step. The Install Update wizard performs a number of update prechecks, including the space available on the hosts, to verify that the update can be applied on the selected servers and displays the result. Citrix recommends applying the most up-to-date version of the software, which addresses the fix or enhancement being targeted.


Citrix Documentation – Automatic Update Notification. It is provided merely for your convenience. Brad February 12, at 1: CitrixXenServer Comments: Connect to your XenServer if not connected.

citrix xencenter 6.5.1

We did not need XenServer 4. Upgrading of hosts should be scheduled to minimize the amount of time the pool runs in a “mixed state” where some hosts have been upgraded and some have not. Next, expand XenServer 6.

Citrix XenCenter

I uninstalled the x64 version of the JRE and installed the bit version. Follow the on-screen installation instructions, and reboot the VM when prompted. Select the hosts you wish to apply the Service Pack to, and then click Next.