For this reason, profile is represented as a major set Group 2 within the universe. Odontogenic tumour 51 The role of premature loss of primary teeth The factors that determine the outcome: As we progress I will highlight the role of the soft tissues in malocclusion. Venn proposed this representation in , and it has become prominent in symbolic logic for computer use. Download ppt “Classification of Orthodontic Malocclusion”. Anomalies in the number of teeth:

classification of malocclusion ppt

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To determine whether this is on a skeletal, dentoalveolaror combined basis, a cephalometric analysis may be particularly helpful. Easily treated in the primary dentition by yourselves. Overgrowth of the mandible and obtuse mandibular angle.

However, normal occlusion may also be present in a face which is not orthognathic. A few unfortunate family traits were bottled up and intensified, as generations of family members intermarried. The lower lip rests behind the maloccludion incisors Lip incompetence, lips separated at rest by more than 3 — 4 mm. This is difficult as occlusal anomalies are many and varied.

The classification systems aid in diagnosis and treatment planning of malocclusions.


Classification of Orthodontic Malocclusion

Arch form and inclination of tooth axis are determined from this plane. Maxillary incisors in labioversion Type 3.

classification of malocclusion ppt

For primary teeth to exfoliate the re-sorptive phase needs to exceed the reparative phase this off the balance to exfoliation.

Compensatory xla, eg extraction of 55 compensate by xla malocculsion Go to Application Have a question? Subnormal distal mandibular development in relation to the maxilla. Odontogenic tumour 51 The role of premature loss of primary teeth The factors that determine the outcome: A part or all of the dental arch is wider than usual from the raphe median plane www.

Classification of Orthodontic Malocclusion – ppt download

Sagittal symmetry and inclination of the axes of the teeth are determined from this plane. The canines may be in labioversion or infraversion. Incisor, premolar extract the most displaced tooth Early conical forming: Rare, On swallowing the tongue is pushed between the upper and lower incisors. There is a normal mesio distal or antero-posterior position for the body of the mandible with its superimposed mandibular dental arch to occupy in the anatomy of the skull.

Deflection of permanent teeth from its path.

The lower lip extends to the incisal one third of the upper anterior teeth. This information can be derived from observing the patient or maloccluaion accurately from a cephalometric head film. The tongue is placed between the teeth to achieve an anterior oral seal.


Maxillary deficiency not clear, but environmental factors unlikely.

classification of malocclusion ppt

The teeth, one or both dental arches, and or jaws are too far forward. Ideal occlusion, plus many but by no means all Angle Class I malocclusions, would fall into Group 1.


No part of this product may be reproduced or transmitted. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. P 29 Thank you If done after orthodontic space closure, access is limited, and risk of root damage. At birth frenum is attached to alveolar ridge and the fibrous actually running into lingual interdental classifixation.

Hypodontia 17 Anomalies in the number of teeth 1.

This is represented as the universe Group 1.