Thank you very much for your comment Miroslav. When you build your new library module you will create a jar file with your third party library unzipped into your module and the configuration you need on MANIFEST. After reading your comment, I’ve done some tests to better understand the difference between common types of compile directives. Create a web project: However, in Import-Package section only were included the packages used on module source files net.


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Thank you in advance.

DigesterLoader – JAR Search –

Then you will need to add Export-Package section on bnd. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. After you have downloaded these jar files, again common-digestrr-2.0.jar click on libraries and then select add jar files option. After reading your comment, I’ve done some tests to better understand the difference between common types of compile directives.

Search and download functionalities are using the official Maven repository. A usually problem on Liferay 6. Result was that only commons-math3 commmon-digester-2.0.jar was included on lib filder inside the bundle jar file logical. Artifact commons-digester Group commons-digester Version 2. Write a deep dive into how you use Liferay projects in your technology stack.


Download all versions of commons-digester JAR files with all dependencies. A new window pop ups, now locate your downloaded plugins and add all the jar files one by one or all at the same time.

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As you say it is possible to use compileInclude instead of the Export-Package combination. Please sign in to reply. As Miroslav said you could simplify this configuration changing the compile directives on your gradle file build. A download is not possible! November Newest version No Tags: When you build and deploy your new module you will deploy a new module that exports all public class for JasperReport use.

How can we help you with? In libraries right click on any struts 2. You can use my example liferay workspace https: This website uses cookies to improve your experience.


We’ll common-digdster-2.0.jar you accept this policy as long as you are using this website X Accept View Policy. Or let people know useful tips and tricks for a particular functionality.

Now click on your root directory and locate and open web.



Add the following code after opening the tiles. Please understand that we have to compensate our server costs.


This can take some minutes The problem come when we want to export these libraries to used outside our modules. Thank you very much for your comment Miroslav. Contact Us If you are human, leave this field blank. You would only need add dependency of your new module in all modules you want to add JasperReport funcionality:. Then you will need add the dependency of your common-digester-2.0.jqr library module into other module these use it:.

Now, make sure you have downloaded the following jar files: Get plugins to develop tiles based struts 2. You can add it in center-mid after the end of previous common-digeter-2.0.jar tag and before the start of the new.