Leave a comment Your name: Uploaded by zhelev81 on July 27, The last mod we will talk about here is ZombiePlague. Source also known as CS or simply CS: Source games pit a team of counter-terrorists against a team of terrorists in a series of rounds.

counter strike source aviara edition

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Built on the Source engine, the game was released in along with Half-Life 2. Uploaded by zhelev81 on July 27, Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Source, the game is a complete remake instead of a port with additional content.

After you download CS 1. Jailbreak can easily hold a title for one of the aivara modifications so far as well as one of the most immersive.

The main purpose of it is the confrontation between humans and zombies. In Deathrun the CTs’ objective is finishing the map by running through it while terrorist is playing a role of activating the traps that are all over the place.

Counter Strike Source – Gamers Hood

This item does not appear to have any files that can be experienced on Archive. When you download Counter Strike 1. Original player models Steam Classic version of Counter Strike 1. It’s and equal fun to play as the undead as well as one of the humans. In it, you will be placed in jail either as a guard or a felon.


KZ and Surf have similar objectives being finishing maps, however, in Surf you dource be sliding down the sloping surface just like snowboarding or surfing. Remember the game “Simon says”? It includes original models, sounds, sprites and design.

counter strike source aviara edition

There are no reviews yet. Jailbreak maps usually have a lot of places to play atlike football fields, KZ elements, deathun elements and other sorts of competitive games prisoners have to participate in usually to be either killed if they lose or get a day edtiion the next morning if they win.

All editions are absolutely free to download. It is a remake of Counter-Strike, the modification of Half-Life. You can also login through these services if you need to: Well, that’s pretty much it. So it will not be a problem to find a server to play on.

counter strike source aviara edition

Please download files in this item to interact with them on your computer. You start with Glock not the best weapon in the game and gradually improving your rank by killing enemies earn counyer guns replacing your current. There are many different unique items like mines, special grenades and modified weapons for humans and a lot of interesting items for the ZM team as well, like virus-grenades, special skills, weapons and even mini monsters that infect you when bitten that you can unleash towards your enemies.


Pentium 4 processor 3. Each round starts with one infected player that runs around infecting others turning them into zombies.

Patches & Updates

The rules are more or less simple: Follow the instructions of the installer 4. The Vintage Software Collection. There are many other modifications but the ones we mentioned are the most popular today. Humans must destroy all of them in order to contain the situation, otherwise zombies prevail.

counter strike source aviara edition

Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! We try to keep up with time and update CS 1. I love the hostages in this version.