Kang-to sits down with a bitter Boss Jo and earnestly appeals to him. Joo Won’s body should be either in a suit or out and find a suit. Retrieved 24 February How can he seriously play Gaksital? Episodes Open Thread by mary. I think it’s more cause I expected them to be so badass — I mean the first few episodes seemed to hint at their potential badassness — but now what do we have?

damsari drama song

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Koiso gives him a few hits and asks where Kang To used to stay. The plot of the TV drama is slightly modified from the original graphic novel. Although he always seemed to have an alibi for every incident in previous episodes, it sorta seemed like he was a little naive in this one. It’s so annoying, she always get caught! Rumors are flying among the Joseon people about the explosion at the anniversary gala, which threatens to set off more rebellions. Kang-to has a hidden-in-plain-sight meeting with shoe-shiner Baek Gun, advising him to lie low.

damsari drama song

Anyways, it was as he tortured him that Shunji had his first Really Scary Moment of the episode. Sorry I’m not very good at explaining. And on a shallow a note, every Rrama To suit change I have to pause and appreciate the pretty, I swear I never do this ever!!. Also kind of wish she was multi-layered, but that might be wishful thinking and too late for that.


Gaksital: Episode 17 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Ack, this is not doing good things to my blood pressure. Then, the torture meted out will be much worse. I think Rara was being completely nice and sincere, so it was too bad Mok Dan just got all huffy.

He let Tasha know when the transfer was damaari to happen, and then went and got inducted into the Kishokai.

Yes, Rie is v pretty. This is a fully free website sojg download sinhala songs and sinhala cartoon songs mp3. Ok, eww — what the hell was she expecting him to do? Rie is the one character that I’m not completely sure about.

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If her dad is so awesome at hiding why can’t he get her a hat or scarf something? Which idiot who knows that she’s WANTED walks around in broad daylight with no cover whatsoever and bolts immediately when confronted by the enemy?

Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 26 Recap | Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

It showed her jealousy whamming that of her ulterior motive as a Japanese daughter of the President. Joo Won and Park Ki-woong. Kang-to speaks of his brother, brain-damaged from his activities with the independence movement. This page was last edited on 16 Septemberat I think, as much as Shunji wants to kill Damsrai Mask, a part of him just as strongly wants to keep Kangto damsarri. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Rie grabs Mok Dan and starts to drag her off.


Ravindra Yasas

It’ll bring more dilemmas for Mok-dan and I’m hoping that they’ll let us see into her character a little more. Shunji calls Kang-to in, keeping his tone friendly and turning his Kishokai signet ring around to keep the insignia hidden.

He says soon, Gaksital will come after him and Shunji wonders why he would come after his father? How does she handle this?! I hope that he rescue her without the Gaksital identity because it has something to do with the big fat lie that he is gonna pull to clear the suspicion But I hope she’ll be what I want her to be when she finds out Kang to is Gaksital.

Are you… going to reveal yourself?!

damsari drama song

Not when you can change out of it and into the Gaksital outfit like magic because of