Double click the DataSocket control, and add the following code: However, no data is being plotted on the DSReader graph because there is no data being published. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. You also can insert additional ActiveX controls. Visual Basic makes the ActiveX control and saves it in the location that the project resides.

datasocket server manager

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Saving the Project 1. Its file extension is.

datasocket server manager

After you place the control, you can use your mouse to move and resize the object. The prefix is called the URL scheme.

An event might be an action, such as a mouse movement, or a change in state, such as a completed acquisition. This document describes how to create the DataSocket reader component, build a Web page containing that component, and simulate the student lab scenario. You can connect to different data sources without writing different code to support different data formats and protocols because the DataSocket control converts data for transfer and passes the actual values to your application.

You’ll see a new control in the Visual Basic Toolbox named UserControl1, which you’ll soon be able to place on a form in the executable project and run.

The cabinet file contains information about the DSReader component, and it is automatically downloaded, expanded, and installed by Internet Explorer so that users on other computers can view the DSReader component with their Web browser.


Adjust the slide on DSWriter.

Building an Interactive Web Page with DataSocket

Notice that data is displayed on both graphs. Move the slide in DSWriter. To display the connection status whether DataSocket is connected or unconnected in the Status field, double click the DataSocket control, select OnStatusUpdated from the event list in the code window, and add the following code to the OnStatusUpdated event: Use the FrontPage Express online help for information about adding these features.

Double click on the knob and add the following event procedure.

Enter the URL dstp: Imagine a lab with 30 student workstations, a server for the lab, and a computer that acquires measurements and performs analysis on the measured data. Making the ActiveX Control 1. To customize its appearance or behavior, modify the properties listed in the Visual Basic Properties window.

After you make the. Right click on the graph and select Properties. To modify the scale on the knob, right click on the knob, select Serveerand change Minimum to 1 on the Numeric page. You could embellish the student lab scenario by developing a DSWriter component.

White Papers – National Instruments

You can datasockte all of these tools free from the Web. Like URLs you use in a Web browser, the data source locator can point to different types of data sources depending on the prefix. The student workstations stay connected to the server and receive new measurements as soon as the acquisition restarts and sends data to the server. You can manipulate the wave with a knob on the user interface, and as you manipulate that wave or the wave generated by the DSWriter, you are going to add the two waves together and display managsr result on a second graph.


datasocket server manager

In this example, you create that component with ActiveX controls and Visual Basic code to manipulate those controls and save this component as an Ssrver control. Double click the DataSocket control, and add the following code: Notice that both graphs on the DSReader Web page are updated.

An ActiveX control is a software component that you use to build applications.

Building an Interactive Web Page with DataSocket – National Instruments

Place a CWGraph control on the form. The event procedure skeleton includes the control name, the default event, and dataoscket parameters that are passed to the event procedure. The professor can restart the acquisition or reboot the acquisition computer without having to reconnect all 30 student workstations. Manaher This example consists of four major steps: On the Plots page, click the Add button to add a second plot and change the line color of Plot-2 to yellow use the color palette to the right of Linestyle.

datasocket server manager

After making the ActiveX control, you insert it into a Web page.