Discuss this page in DocCommentXchange. User terminated Interactive SQL. I’ve tried it now and it works OK, no problem connecting to database. If you do not specify a SQL-statement or command-file , Interactive SQL enters interactive mode, where you can type a command into a command window. Alternatively, Interactive SQL noted an internal error. The following command, entered at a system prompt, runs the command file mycom.

dbisql windows

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You can set up Program Manager icons to start dbisqlw with the same command line syntax as specified above. Right-click a table, and select View Data dbosql the popup menu.

For most circumstances, Sybase recommends this driver. The dashes on the screen must the same as this: This seems like a security risk.

No difference, same error: Batch winows should call dbisql or dbisql. User terminated Interactive SQL. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. If no dbisql-command is specified, SQL enters interactive mode, where you can type a command into a command window. Thank you for the answer.


How to install dbisql on Windows workstation

Is there anything else I’m missing? I don’t know what kind of behavior that will cause. Define one of the following supported behavior values: Server character set conversion is enabled, but not required using character set “windows”. This is the line: You can also specify a command file name. If there is an error in the command file, the process shuts down.

dbisql windows

I’m working on SA12 Bin32 directory. If there is an error in the command file, the process terminates.

dbisql command line? – l

Use the given string as the command delimiter. It also provides feedback about the number of rows affected, the time required for each command, the execution plan of queries, and any error messages.

Sybase recommends that, to avoid ambiguity, you always specify connection parameters for dbisql instead of relying on defaults. Hello, Do you have a requirement to use the “output” command? Interactive SQL opens with a test script in the Command window. This command worked just fine on a workstation.


dbisql windows

According to the docsthe following command should work against the default database although Links property is missing: Discuss this page in DocCommentXchange. In the future, you will be sent there automatically. By using this site, you agree to the Where is description with examples of fbisql command line? I am using InsertFile command.

The target database is started with -x none switch.

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Reads in options from the specified environment variable or configuration file. Check out the FAQ! Specifying this option does not suppress error messages.

dbisql windows