Also, Delphi will make it difficult to hire the best engineers for some technical projects, as those will not want to be using what is a niche language in their field of expertise. If there are such explicit initializations, then they are moved into the initialization list. But it does a decent job saving time during a translation process. There are free pretty-printers available, with lots of options to format the code just as you like it. Revision History – published some fixes implemented last year see change history ; explicitly placed this program under a GPL license as has been requested.


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What’s new in Delphi2Cpp 1. For details, see the delphi2cpp. You will need to adjust processing options, pick substitutions, select the output compiler and enable special treatment for some VCL functions.

And it wasn’t actually going to help translate any code. But it does delpbi2cpp decent job saving time during a translation process.

Delphi2Cpp Free Download

I do not personally have a need for delphi2cpp anymore, but I welcome any contributions or enhancement. This syntax-based translator is not a compiler; it does not understand the type of the variables being used, and has therefore limited capabilities.

Note that with the advent of Delphi. The names of originally used constructors are inserted as comments into the translated code now, if the “Verbose” option is enabled and the name is not “Create”. One of such applications dwlphi2cpp Delphi2Cpp.


Since its first publication, this translator has also been updated based on requests and contributions of a number of users who downloaded it Thank you! The Internet is filled with all sort of applications and tools that you could use in order to enhance functions on your computer. The trial version is limited, if you want to use all features found inside this application you will need to upgrade.

This has been a slow but steady process, supported by this translation delphic2pp, and accomplished with very few resources. Please let me know if you found this tool useful, would like to see a bug fixed, or have a feature request.

Delphi2Cpp (free version) download for PC

These files are distributed under the terms of the GPL licence version 3. We deelphi2cpp have the resources to undertake the development of such extensions. In the early nineties, an excellent p2c tool has been released under the GPL. Also, Delphi will make it difficult to hire the best engineers for some technical projects, as those will not want to be using what is a niche language in their field of expertise. Source files compatible with Delphi or Pascal can be translated by drag’n’dropping them onto the application’s icon, or by passing them to the application using a command line invocation error messages are sent to dslphi2cpp output.

In many cases a manual post-processing of the produced code will be required. Dellhi2cpp would translate large Pascal programs into C code – which is absolutely great when it works.


It sports a simple and lightweight graphical interface, with plenty of nice tools and features that you can check out. The translator usually does a good job translating algorithms and various utilities. This is to be compared with what typically happens when a rewrite is undertaken.



The program aims to keep the amount of the post-processing as small as possible. Unfortunately, this utility hasn’t evolved much, and does not support delphi2cpo Object Pascal constructs and other features that are common in current Delphi code. So what do you do when you happen to receive, as I did, the responsibility of a large code base that has been written in Delphi, but never should have been?

This makes it easy to make manually corrections, if there are differently named Delphi constructors with the same signature. Read the full changelog. This shift doesn’t take place if the initialization depends on a condition. You can also pick from Delphi and Standard strings or type in the system namespace. The application doesn’t take long to install and it doesn’t come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it.


ASM functions, ‘forward’ in interface, Click to load comments. Delphi2Cpp was reviewed by Alexandra Vaidos.