So, I tried gog version but their version is supposed to launch on dosbox, I think it could be a matter of configuration file, maybe? After all if the objective is to have perfect as far as possible compatibility then all Glide versions should be supported, at least eventually, right? There are also other advantages to increasing the VRAM. Feature-wise such as support for different resolutions etc. There is 1 trouble. Comparison of in-game interface size at x set directly in game options menu up and x forced through dgVoodoo 2 with resolution in game options menu set to x down. Both are open-source engine replacements for Tomb Raider 1 and the first five games respectively.

dgvoodoo glide emulator

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As my username indicates, I’m a complete newbie to this whole Glide business and have come here seeking some expert guidance, so please be gentle. Utilizing host’s hardware acceleration?

dgvoodoo glide emulator

Bilinear filtering on the two closest mipmap levels are applied and are interpolated. I will probably come again in few days to get tomb raider 2 working with DGV.

The amount of TMU texture memory is adjustable. Emulztor applications determine what resolutions are supported by looking at how much on-board memory there is. It’s bit OS compatible Are there games that work better with one compared to the other? The different video cards also presents bias to games which may lock particular rendering capabilities and properties to certain 3Dfx cards and versions of Glide. Now I did not really expect it to work on his system and predictably it didn’t.


Or is lack of games the sole criterion?

dgvoodoo glide emulator

Unfortunately it seems many of these fine projects have been abandoned or not updated for quite some time many date back to Win9x or XP at bestso I do not want to emuator a chance with them. Just for fun I tried nGlide. The ones that still seem to be updated include nGlide of course latest version 1.

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I’m still confused about how Glide is supposed to work with DOS games. Well “far” might be expecting too much, but surely there’ll be some dgvodoo otherwise what’s the point glidw these programs, right? Press Apply to create the configuration file in that folder to store settings for that game. So I assume you can replace it with whatever else Glide2 wrapper out there and it would also work. All the emulation functions independently of whatever is installed on the host system, which means it can be slow.

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Building your own and patching isn’t that hard. Turns out there are more Glide wrappers than I know what to do with!

dgvoodoo glide emulator

Both are open-source engine replacements for Tomb Raider 1 and the first five games respectively. I tested nGlide with a few games on the compatibility list and they all ran quite well without any problems, which is awesome.


The following graphics API libraries are implemented [1] Glide 2. Linear filtering is much nicer generally, but can cause artifacts. Antrad on July 9, dgvoodoi For other DOS games I still don’t know whether I’ll have to choose between nGlide, dgVoodoo 2 and Glidos on a game-by-game basis to obtain the best results? And maybe some console emulator plugins. Or does it not matter? The application will control the texture filtering quality.

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Now to be honest my folks never could buy me a 3D card back in the day, but these wonderful Glide wrappers seem to promise me the ability to finally enjoy these much-loved games in far better quality than I’ve ever seen them to date. Installation instructions [2] Download the latest version of dgVoodoo 2 and extract the archive. For now though I want to know: Or could it be some other reason altogether?

Further research tells me that for Tomb Raider it seems Glidos is required for the high-res textures. Has anyone even performed such a comparison? Emulatof different video cards also presents bias to games which lock particular rendering capabilities and properties to owners of a real ATI, nVidia or Matrox card.