Das Projekt ist ein dynamischer Prozess. A total of 13 partners are taking part in the project, 7 of whom come from Germany, 2 from Austria and 4 from Switzerland. Skip to main content. Working groups and topics. Diagnostics of Multiresistant Pathogens.


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We link industry with science for innovations! The associated therapy is usually carried out by the general practitioner at their practice, so there is often a time delay.

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Schnelltest zur Differenzierung einer bakteriellen Erkrankung in Abgrenzung zu einer Erkrankung, die durch Viren, Pilze etc. More infos soon on this site. Along the value chain the partners support the project by performing services in research and development, in production and marketing, in testing, in application as well as in consultation.

Treatment will be faster and more effective as a result. There is frequently also a lack of test variants that can be diatnet on-site. Based on questions in medical care, clinics and laboratories, innovative solutions for new diagnostics are discussed including research and development.

Early diagnosis diagnett absolutely crucial for the ability to treat cancer.



BioLAGO events impart knowledge and promote cooperation between network members and external partners. Bei bakteriellen Infektionen werden Antibiotika oft nicht gezielt und damit wenig effizient eingesetzt. Overwhelming attention — participants from 8 countries.

Summary of medical needs and diagnostic trends. As a project partner, the intranet offers you diagne advantages such as a communication platform and news about the working groups concerning test development. Other partners can join later on.

These developments mainly occur as an individual activity by regional parties, which are not coordinated by an overall concept. Further project supporters are Landkreis Konstanz and Stadt Konstanz. Experts as on hand conversation partners. Diagnostik der Zukunft am Bodensee.

Infektionen fehlen Tests, um zu einer sofortigen, gezielten Therapie zu gelangen. Leading experts from industry, science and medicine present and discuss the dominant industry topics: This not only applies in human medicine but in veterinary medicine too, where incorrect administration of antibiotics occurs on a large scale.

Diaynet links companies, research facilities and clin-ics for new diagnostic products.


The project phases and tasks are divided up as follows: Please use this form to ask for help, to report bugs, or to make any suggestions you see fit. Especially, patient-oriented solutions regarding health-care in regional hospitals are addressed e. Der Entwicklungsprozess wird beschleunigt. Bei vielen Erkrankungen kann es jedoch lebensrettend sein, eine schnelle Diagnose und einen auf den Patienten abgestimmten Therapieplan zu erhalten.


Partners from three countries are involved, so that three different health systems will also be considered. Schon in der Antragsvorbereitung und Identifikation der Projektthemen kamen Unternehmen und Hochschulen, die bisher nicht zusammengearbeitet bzw.

Diagnostics-4-Future Conference 2019

A total of 13 partners are taking part in the project, 7 of whom come from Germany, 2 from Austria and 4 from Switzerland. Always stay up to date. Find out all about our current events currently only available in German. This is hindered by the fact that germs are increasingly emerging that are antibiotic-resistant. The discussed matters are highly diagnrt physicians, clinicians, laboratories, medical centers.