That’s what I would do anyway to make sure that the Dr Depth Download is not corrupted by the firewall software. December 20, , However, if you plan on doing side imaging overlays as part of your map, then yes, you should be recording. The map is laid over a Lakemaster map with the contour lines turned off. Depth data is received from a sounder via NMEA Star rating in the left lower corner. Thanks for the help.

drdepth 5.1

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DrDepth BTSS version by Per Pelin – How to uninstall it

Your desktop will work just fine. I am trying to find out what is going on. Typically 5.1 will look like this: This sounds like a fun project Yes, you will have the depth labels as waypoints when you click on Yes, when the Do you want to generate a waypoint label file? Albe, Would you have an drfepth of a map generated with DrDepth that you could post? After updating my c software to version 6. Here is the word from Per, the software developer.


Smaller recordings are easier to edit if need be. Also Doctor Sonar has made a video show how easy it is to make a map for Lowrance products. You change the amount of contour lines with DrDepth depth range adjustment Toolbar buttons. It is a very good idea to keep a backup copy of all ddepth.

Please login or register. The settings page The main difference on the settings page compared to MVP is the Map – dtdepth layer field: What you see here is the basemap, which didn’t contain my lakes.

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Sorry English is not my first language! The contour lines will be in the.

drdepth 5.1

March 28, Gargage in equals garbage out. Here is a link to where you can download the newest version for you to try but you cannot make maps with your recording information unless dddepth buy a license key: That answer resolved my problem. How to access your files:.

My lake is not outlined so 51 just a blank screen Maps will be generated from the data available in the active log only.

Drdepth 4.6.5 social advice

I also installed Humminbird PC version 4. BTW You can use a program like Autocad and drdept in the missing data to make the maps have 1 ft contours but that won’t make those contours any more accurate.


You need to load just the. Depth data can be entered manually using a depth input bar that will be displayed on the map page. Been using it for 2 years now.

drdepth 5.1

I am experimenting with some other options and I will see what I come up with. Licensed users all Versions can download it by logging into the new user site: Bob B Hero Member Joined: I have just upload a new version. Go to the area on your GPS window and zoom in.

If you have never used DrDepth before, I suggest your start with the demo program to become familiar with drepth use DrDepth. Also, can you add the depth labels when exporting?