I don’t think it’d be worth the effort to remaster Elsweyr Pelletine either. Posted March 30, However, some manual work would be needed like converting over the animated water in Senchal, the fountains and the new animated fish. Posted February 9, edited. The rest of Elsweyr does seem large when I play it – but it seems compressed when I develop it. Sign in Already have an account?

elsweyr the deserts of anequina

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Posted November 21, edited. It has quests, but not too many. They still seem to have a dedicated website, though I can see the DarkCreations one is closed.

On at I don’t think it’d anwquina worth the effort to remaster Elsweyr Pelletine either. However, some manual work would be needed like converting over the animated water in Senchal, the fountains and the new animated fish. Anyway here are some Screenshots of Elsweyr Anequina in the Skyrim Engine, I figured I’ll post something interesting Just a heads up, Your seeing missing textures since I didn’t unpack the Skyblivion texture.

I think it essential, a nice change of scenery. Posted March 30, Already have an account?


Elsweyr, the Deserts of Anequina

And the work required to make both Elsweyr mods work in Skyrim, well, both mods would combine to the size of a whole game once I finish my side of things.

Posted February 16, Still a lot of work cleaning everything up though. Posted March 4, edited. Posted February 13, Sign up eleweyr a new account in our community. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

So now I would have to rebuild everything from scratch basically. This is not a True Port of the Original, it will be something New! I’d rather see a new Elsweyr mod, set in the same time as Skyrim.

elsweyr the deserts of anequina

Thank you so much – I’m very excited! That’s how I like my Mods. I’ll release a new version within a few months – it will include Torval except for the Mane’s Palacea new village and finished roads.

Posted November 16, I do remember reading something for Morroblivion, about converting Morrowind mods to work in Morroblivion. I didn’t want it converted to Skyrim which would be extremely difficult anyway because most of the meshes the mod uses belong to the Oblivion game.


I assumed it would still be around. I think it would be better to support that project. I don’t know what Swedish Fish intended. Posted February 6, This will be a Remake!

Elsweyr: Desert of Anequina Remastered – Various Works in Progress – The Assimilation Lab

Seems to me that you continued a rather large portion of Elsweyr in a lore kf fashion! Sign In Sign Up. Converting many mods to Skyrim would be tricky because it’s such a thematically focused game.

elsweyr the deserts of anequina

Can you imagine writing a program that would convert a mod to a different game? How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? Technically I already converted Elsweyr just to see if it was possible and i can report that it actually worked better then I thought, but that was just a test and I never released it.