I can go on and on talking about this song but worlds will never suffice to capture the true charm of it. He never knew how to do it. This song is probably the best in the history of the genre. This massively underrated artiste from Bondo has done it again. This Legend churned out great hits one after another at such a rate it puts current artistes to shame.

emily nyaimbo

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This song does not just stand out because of the great guitar and intricate instrumentals, no. What the hell does that mean?

Min Omiya!!

Make no mistake about it, this is the ejily song of the century, at least as far as Luo benga is concerned. Emilly is a boiling pot teeming with hundreds of artistes, both dead and alive, young and old, males and females jostling for space in this very competitive music world. Emily knows how to compose songs but in this one, she pours out her soul in the lyrics. It is a unique blend that only a genius can put together. And this is not an overstatement.

Anita Nyar Usonga by Omondi Long’lilo. We cannot all agree who is the best and I am not going to impose ekily choices on you.


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Popular posts from this blog. I can go on and on talking about this song but worlds will never suffice to capture the true charm of it. Diana by Aluoch Jamaranda I dont get so hang up about love songs but this one is the shit. Benga has since been overtaken by Ohangla as the most popular genre of music.

Emily Nyaimbo

Have a look at my top ten Benga Songs of all time and see if you dont find a song you also love: This song is probably emioy best in the history of the genre. Did you like this article? The late Okatch Biggy never wrote nyaimho bad song. It could easily pass for an angels’ 2.

Your comments will be highly appreciated. I dare not comment about that. When he passed on -rather untimely- inhe died with it. He revolutionized the genre, popularized it and owned it.

emily nyaimbo

Adoche by Okatch Biggy Undoubtly the biggest name in modern Benga, Okatch Biggy stands out from the pack like a sore thumb. Luobenga is a crowded scene. Benga naimbo never truly rediscovered its allure and glamour in Luo socio-political arena to date and probably never will. But in this song, George Ramogi teaches, cries, cajoles and boy does he nag!


Jamaranda is not vulgar or raunchy but he still describes love in ngaimbo graphic detail that you can almost see it. George Kachar 1 January at Why are you laughing?

Emily Nyaimbo |

The way his lines rhyme, the way he plays around with words and the way his voice rises and falls with ease like an ocean tide, makes your mind want to explode with ecstasy. What a name for an artiste!

emily nyaimbo

He never knew how to do it. If there is such thing as Lyrics Economics, then Jamaranda is the inventor. He sings about friendship, love and religion seamlessly fusing the topics like a seasoned philosopher. In this artistic masterpiece Aluoch Jamarand sings like a man possessed.