The Save As browse dialog box is displayed. This is useful for performing an installation remotely from a command script, or when you want to make sure a custom configuration is not changed by a user during installation. The Modify Team button is available. Click the Set Primary button. Procedure To perform an unattended installation:

emulex onecommand nic teaming

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No part of this document may be reproduced by any means or translated to any electronic medium without the prior written consent of Emulex.

OneCommand NIC Teaming and VLAN Manager

A list of optional items would be enclosed in curly brackets. Changing the bindings of teams, teamed adapters, or their VLANs can result in non-functional teams and hung applications. The parameter specifies the total number of VLANs you wish to assign. Valid tag values are from 1 to A link down status indicates that no team members are functional.

Network Adapter page Check the Enable virtual LAN identification check box. Valid values range from 1 to 4.

To export a team without a VLAN to a virtual machine: All rights reserved worldwide. If LACP is not available at both ends oneecommand the onecommmand, For a non-failover team LACP, If there are already VLANs assigned to a team, then the maximum valid value of the number of VLANs to be assigned is reduced by the number of existing teams.


This is very rare and not recommended for most applications.

emulex onecommand nic teaming

To uninstall the NIC Teaming package: To replace a team s primary adapter with one of a different model: Use the Emulex-provided kit to uninstall the driver. Onecommqnd manual aggregation provides for the activation of a member link without performing the LACP message exchanges, it is not as reliable and robust as an LACP negotiated link.

Using the OneCommand NIC Teaming and VLAN Manager

Avalanche Site Edition Version 4. No part of this document shall be reproduced or transmitted by any means or otherwise, without written permission. Aliases in a list are separated by one or more spaces. The RSS capabilities of the first adapter in a team is used as a base and the RSS capabilities of the subsequent adapters will be compared to it. Adapter aliases, once assigned, exist for as long as the adapter’s GUID does not change. Click OK on this message to close it.

If there are already VLANs assigned to a team, the maximum valid value of the number of VLANs to be assigned is reduced by the number of existing teams.

emulex onecommand nic teaming

Adapter Aliases and Team Identification Adapters are identified within Windows by using the adapter name. Some support and only; some supportand so forth.


OneCommand NIC Teaming and VLAN Manager |

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. If you double-click on an item in the General tab s listing, the General Information for that item is displayed in its General tab.

emulex onecommand nic teaming

Transmit load balancing is achieved by creating a hashing table using the hashing algorithm based on load distribution type. However, no responsibility is assumed by Emulex for its use; or for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties which may result from its use. When the primary team member reports a linkup state, traffic fails over to the primary adapter, if the team is configured for auto failback. Periodic changes are made to information contained herein; although these changes will be incorporated into new editions of this manual, Emulex disclaims any undertaking to give notice of such changes.

Presence of the driver is required for OCTeamCmd utility operation. Click Yes to proceed.