You may select the Gateway menu item if you want to choose a gateway. Product offerings and specifications are subject to change without notice. Results will list all components that start with the one you have just entered, in alphabetical order, and will include the rest of the list of components available in the database. Display description in title bar: Refresh delays range from 0. You can define up to 99 schedules for each site.

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An access granted code is sent when the tenant was granted access using his PIN 0 to You may check the View option to display the components associated with the selected components.

EntraPass Special Edition |

Results will list all components that start with the one you have just entered, in alphabetical order, and will include the rest of the list of components available in the database. Move the cursor over the colored rectangles to show details about the network status, the network database status and the workstation application report status.

Pentium IV at 1. Set the Answer on first ring schedule option to configure the time interval during which site modem will be allowed to answer on one ring. The oldest message will therefore be deleted first. You may also select Single to view components that are not grouped or select Group to view the existing groups. A command in the workstation contextual menu can help you retrieve the dialogs. Sat Sep 19, If the option is available, a hint box is displayed when the cursor is placed over the drop down list.


Unlimited Operator security levels. This ensures that the system databases are shutdown properly. The pager code corresponding to the general event that triggered a zone trouble condition 0 to Apply operator workspace to filter messages: The EntraPass Global Edition main window appears. You can define the Maximum Records in Report Desktop that can be retrieved from archived files and displayed on screen. Selecting Components The Component selection function allows operators to select one or more system components.

EntraPass Global Edition: Reference Manual

The system will generate the event: The Group option allows you to select all access levels. This corresponds to the IP of the remote site.

Click the drop down list to display the available countries: This option can be enabled on a reader with an integrated keypad if you want, for instance, to use the keypad only. Set the Number of rings before answer entrrapass will define the number of rings before the modem picks up the call. PIN code requirement can be limited by a schedule for use only outside business hours, for example, rather than during high traffic hours.


The EntraPass workstation entrapazs always keep newer events. In disable mode, the controller will never be polled and all status requests from this specific controller will send a message that this controller is disabled. These labels may be customized.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Gateway Gateway Software Interface: Modem options, Modem schedule parameters and Miscellaneous. When a duress option is selected, you have to assign a enttapass key, that is a silent panic key.

EntraPass Global Edition software.

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It is disabled for the delay specified in the Keypad disabled duration field. During the first installation, you will only be able to select one of the install options. It is set in seconds.