Length is no problem as the user can resize the column the column to suit their needs. I’ll see what can be done here. This has been fixed, thanks for telling me. This program sounds amazing! Most of them buy item to make profit from refining. See this thread for more details: Waiting for updates in OP messsage, they are good and usefull.


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This is not a bug. Could you implement a meta level column? Privacy policy About UniWiki Disclaimers.


Everefineryy wont the program update whats in my hangers and assets more frequently 7 hours between updates? Now totals are shown for known part. Do you know of a way I can tell for sure what version. Everefnery tried deleting my key and adding it again but no luck: My only suggestion is to add the capability to grab skill levels via API and automatically calculate refining efficiency for each item.

Amanda Dragon 7 Pandemic Horde. Now, what am I downloading is this http: Thanks in advance, Sam.


Eve Refinery – DOTLAN :: EveMaps

Point a Lazer at it and profit. Thanks for a great program, I look forward to future developments! Why waste your Mission time trying to market the loot yourself?


BuyMax is what ppl are paying for an item. The latter could be useful for many other loot-orineted activities. Crysis McNally Aideron Robotics 2. MacGybo 7 Sapphire And Steel. Right-click program and “run as administrator”? I’d like to figure out how to ignore that item so I can get totals to present to my corp. I simply evedefinery issued any updates lately.

Please note that all prices are not perfectly accurate, there’s no way to get perfectly accurate ingame prices. Also, the specialty skills are different for different refined stuff.

Eve Refinery

The delay on updating assets is set server-side by CCP. The main visible change is ability to narrow prices to a specific station, in addition to regions. Maybe if the update returns an unknown price it could keep the old price? Is there a way to get bigger fonts? Windows says that Egerefinery am running.



You could experience everefinry problems with website or the program itself. If you decide based on one of the price types, why would you need the second? I dont care if someone could see my crap, but will not be responsible for giving away corp intel.

This would be a godsend to me personally and I am sure to many others as well.

Missions & Complexes

As for which price is better, it’s hard to say, that depends on your strategy and purpose. Alliance and Corporation Recruitment Center. This will save me the hours it takes to sort through my mission loot and figure out what to sell and what to refine.

I always double check my stuff before I sell but I trust the dev on this implicitly.