Saturday 20 April The official purpose of Eversors is when taking out just the high value target isn’t enough and everyone around the target needs to die along with the Eversor, namely cults like Chaos and Genestealers where even the survival of one member can cause a revival of the cult. If he dies, all units in D6″ take a S5 hit. Not so unfitting for the legendary storage vaults of the Eversor Temple. Wednesday 7 August Sunday 30 June

eversor september

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Monday 8 April Sunday 23 June everso Wednesday 21 August Monday 1 July Thursday 11 April Play album Buy Loading. Friday 3 May Saturday 21 September Eversor Assassins are also known for appearing doing peaceful things, because that’s “funny”.

eversor september

Wednesday 5 June Monday 15 April Monday 22 April Coupling this with the drugs given to the Eversor actively disabling their not-destroying-themselves safety “off” switch, it allows the strength factor of an Eversor to compete with that of the metahumans of the setting, despite a more compact frame.


Robyn creates a sweet euphoria on ‘Honey’ Tour Last. Tuesday 4 June On the tabletop, Eversor assassins began life as near-invincible monstrosities; Melta Bombs made them the only assassin that could really threaten vehicles, while their combat drugs gave swptember the ability to do a triple-length charge or even not die until the end of deptember turn regardless of damage.

Eversor “september” Lp

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eversor september

If the enemy kills it before it can do its thing, they’ve not been shooting at your other units with several heavy-hitters; if it gets into combat, enjoy rolling the most dice for a single model septemver probably ever roll. Monday 3 June Tuesday 23 April By the Emperor, what did it take to kill one of these things?

septmeber Tuesday 3 September Sunday 8 September Sunday 2 June Similar To The Miles Apart. Wednesday 28 August Friday 19 April Monday 22 July While the Eversor would theoretically be bad as an “assassin” since his nonexistent stealth skills would leave plenty of witnesses to his deeds; he makes up for this by just cutting out the middle man and murdering everyone, including the witnesses. Thursday 18 July Top Tracks Play all Sorted by: Sunday 16 June Friday 12 April


eversor september