Hard to use at first sight, but i’m finally proud of what i’ve produced with that plugin! Poem to a Horse. Win98 might be too recent to run V2. The name “Farbrausch” translates literally to “color rush”, where rush means variously “intoxication, drunkenness, high, ecstasy, and state of euphoria. Congrats kb ; And no, Farbrausch is not killing the scene.

farbrausch v2

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Views Read Edit View history. Who needs diskmags when everyone can release stuff on the net? The farhrausch thing is that from now on people who uses minifmod for their intros lazy bastards who hasn’t made their own synthesizers can be able too use far better music for their crreations. It will also again improve competition in the softsynth sector. On WinXP it’s fully working.

Actually if you also count the time beofre the public release, it’s the 9th birthday in a few days. It’s really cool FR has released it. Now I have it in my sequencer just like another synth. Very nice job kb! This is the end of a myth.


The numbers do not specify the order of release — the members have stated that they allocate the numbers as they start working on the project, not when they finish it.

farbrausch v2

I extremely need help! And farbrauscu, I don’t see anything wrong in using this, alot of people uses Bass and Fmod. The demo achieved its small size through the use of procedural texturesa custom MIDI-based software synthesizer V2 controlled through a sequencer called Logic Audioand a modified version of UPX executable compressor, [1] “.

The Code Inside in cooperation with mfx. So i can’t make a musicdisc, sorry. A overall very good production!

Farbrausch – Wikipedia

Thanks Kb, very cool GUI and awesome sound! And if i remember well farbrauscy group mates have done some rather good seminars explaining the inner working of their tools, the rest you should be able to figure it out by yourself.

This would encourage learning and competition.

Won some parties, too. This page was last edited on 19 Septemberat Angry and useless speech. But it’s dedicated to Trance Music, it’s a strenght of this synth toy from KB.

V2 Synthesizer System by farbrausch ::

You need help indeed, but not farbrauscu one you think Adok’s got a nerve, actually kb already wrote a serie of 4 articles about how he constructed this synthesizer. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Gargaj, I’m not so skilled. Obviously, the vertical upwards pointing appendage. Enough with the flamebait people. InFarbrausch released.



Also, this is a perfect tool, because its limitations make me want get my own synth. Even though i know little to nothing about soft synths i have to thumb this up. Everything should work fine with x these days, since it has become one of the most common resolutions.

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farbrausch v2

Farbrauschor Farbrauscuis a German group of demomakers who became well known in the demoscene in December with a 64k intro called “fr