Saturday 8 June Pearl I saw her once and then no more ‘t was Edens Light on earth a while She passed along the meadow floor Spring seemed to smile and then no more Ah! Friday 2 August Whoever joined our gathering and danced under the garlands green will never be the same again Now rest your head and stay a while and dwell with us the summer’s night and you’ll never be the same again You came a long way, you traveled for so long. Saturday 4 May Saturday 20 July

faun iduna

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Scrobbling is when Last. From The Album Play album.

uduna Oh seeker, A leaf in this garden, Means more than all leaves You will find in paradise! Sunday 9 June Hymn to Raun 7. Saturday 31 August Sunday 5 May Monday 22 April Sunday 12 May Friday 30 August Monday 1 April Sunday 8 September I’ve seen ’em a-comin’ from mountains and glens, Those rosy-faced lasses and strappin’ young men, With a joy in their heart and unburdened o’ care, A-meetin’ old friends at the Copshawholme Fair.


FAUN LYRICS – “Eden” () album

Celtic FolkFolk-Rock. Saturday 13 July Saturday 10 August Saturday 27 July The band’s performances utilise chanted vocals and often employ the use of a variety of different instruments including the Celtic harp, nyckelharpa, lyres, bagpipes, Japanese taiko, cister, Pagan zither, flutes and Arabic instruments such as the dombra, rebab, riq, oud, darabukka and bendir.

faun iduna

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faun iduna