The download includes the following ICC profiles: The Altona Test Suite 2. This standard defines target and tolerance values for printed products. The CD-Rom comes with an 8-page booklet that contains the most important nominal values and tolerances for sheet fed, heat-set web printing and newspaper printing in a clearly arranged spreadsheet. The strip comes in two 3 row 5C and 6C and two 4 row 7C and 8C variants with 26 patches per row.

fogra medienkeil

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What is the UGRA-Fogra Media Wedge 3.0 used for?

Durch die gute Steifig- und Festigkeit bietet die unempfindliche Folie auch unter verschiedenen klimatischen Bedingungen eine hervorragende Planlage und ist damit sehr einfach anzuwenden. When selecting measuring devices and proofing systems, users of the Media Wedge should make sure that they support the new Media Wedge. The CMYK files are available in bit and 8-bit data. At present, this test forme is the only tool that allows a printer to achieve the most favourable ink-water balance in all printing units as a Fogra service.

Printers, manufacturers of materials and systems such as paper, printing machines made profound contributions to the development of the Application Kit as project partners. These spot colors are recognized by the RIP and assigned to the respective internal color values, which can be seen in the line in the job ticket. Information in Extra no. Three years ago, the offset standard already included the categorisation of the optical brightener content in the offset standard, the proofing standard is now following suit and uses the same classification.


The new MediaWedge MultiColor is intended as the ideal control element for an abridged verification and qualification of the colour accuracy of any print product using 5, 6, 7 or 8 process colours — for digital and conventional printing processes.

Control devices –

These can now optionally be evaluated within the standard, which is then done via a separate media wedge with test report. Thus it is possible for the user to check the entire process chain at any time. Jede Datei kann bis zu MB gross sein.

fogra medienkeil

Tables, charts and graphs provide target and tolerance values. You can also see this on the test report. With the Fiery XF 6.

The presence of a 9 step halftone wedge also makes it highly suitable if the characteristic curves need to be determined during proofing and production printing.

fogra medienkeil

In order to prove that your proof delivered to the print shop meets these standards or is within the tolerances, the media wedge is measured and the values analysed in case of doubt — i. Fgra sheet Media Wedge Standard Size: Please ask for our special one day training:. The primary use case is multi-colour proofing. The good news is: Here the wedge will be added to the 5C, mefienkeil, 7C or 8C image artwork and outputted exactly as the pertinent image content. August 11th, by Nadine.

The Fogra Media Wedge CMYK is recognised globally as the control medium for the digital contract proof and has been used worldwide fofra its different versions since Roman16 bvdm test images The roman16 bvdm reference images are technical test images for visual assessment of the printing process.


Farbverbindlicher Roll-Up-Print mit Fogra Medienkeil –

However, if you want to be on the safe side, have a separate media wedge including test report printed under each of the 4 pages of your brochure. The deviations of the gray axis and hue are now also determined more precisely, the evaluation of the hue spacing? Free Download here German. Because the subject matter is difficult to reproduce, they help define visual accuracy of the print process. If measuring devices do not comply with these specifications, for example they measure using UV cut filters, then the characterization data [e.

A glossary of important terms and definitions provides both vocabulary and meaning given to industry standard concepts. The layout reflects the use of medienkeeil typical handheld and chart-reader devices including the dual scanning devices.

fogra medienkeil

Current proofing systems can reproduce spot colors such as HKS or Pantone very well. The Altona Test Suite is a standard test tool used by more than two thousand print shops and media companies.

FOGRA39] provided by Fogra cannot be used as target values without prior recalibration and a proper aim value conversion. It is a control strip for checking colour accuracy of multi-colour printed matter.