Hopefully Hyoyeon and Eunhyuk is real! I couldn’t ask for more. Log in No account? Both have said this multiple times. They work together well [only having seen them actually work together only a few short times they seem to get along really well]. Both are just alike in so many ways. They have the same style in clothes

foto hyohyuk

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Both have said this multiple times. It will take time, but will be back singing together again. My wish for Jihyo and Gary is already broken! Hjohyuk eunhyukee44 chose to stand behind Hyoyeon watasiwahyo and take photo!

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The Leads Dancer and Singer. Heard that this movie is selling very good!!

foto hyohyuk

Cant wait to see their dance battle stage soon!! Check YoonHaexplosion here at Live Journal to see my point.

It is a hint that they are together? Look how close they are! Yoona is known for being one of the faces of SNSD,Donghae is known like that next to Siwon of course,they both are one of the main dancers in they’re respective groups,Donghae says he likes girls with an innocent look,cute forhead,pretty collarbone,and Yoona has these traits,Yoona likes guys older than her with soft features she doesn’t like beastly types,she says she likes them with boyish features,she liked guys in 4 or 5 years older than herself.


Donghae has these traits. Let just work it out.

foto hyohyuk

I just loved them so much it inspired me to ftoo this post lol xD Okay reasons for the post: Hopefully Hyoyeon and Eunhyuk is real! Yoona and Donghae also have had many moments that they think us fans can’t see,secret touches and stares,Donghae’s worried and sometimes jealous looks when Yoona is around other men. Both are just alike in so many ways.

^^ HyoSica ^^

Do you guys miss HyoSica??? After watching Way To Go!

Doojoon asked “Am I not supposed to like her? I really do not mind waiting for them to share their news with us! I really miss Maxstep so much!!

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They are alot alike though haha I can say that I really hope for that! Not as solo but together!! We need a throwback of them really soon!! I decided to post this randomly and well I thought wow cool! She seemed very calm a bit happy saying this But just hope is Eunhyuk and Hyoyeon and not somebody else! So glad that I saw this and able to share this short moment of them together with you!! Hyotae in Tokyo for SmTown Live a few hyohyukk back. I will also post a huohyuk of that too soon!


Log in No account? Yes, let’s continue ya.

foto hyohyuk

When a member of one of the main dancers in they’re groups can’t make it Sunny and Sungmin both are usually stand ins.