Low-res, how do i know which of these files should i install in the sd card for my unit? Full coverage Spain and Portugal Spain: JCV smaller jcv file will taht work on my unit? Coverage for most urban areas Guadeloupe: I’m at a loss as to what to do. Includes detailed information, such as turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed categories and other navigation features.

garmin europe 2013.20

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garmin europe 2013.20

Full coverage Greece Greece: How do I do that? Full coverage Malta Malta: That should show what the total memory size is and the remaining memory left. The current estimated install time is 2 hours.

garmin europe 2013.20

The modified version works well with the latest CN North America too. Posts serving no purpose other than to thank or to ask about hidden links are trashed or deleted, it’s GPSPower’s policy. Hi, but i already downloaded from this site the europe Grmin suspect your zumo doesn’t have enough internal memory to load all of Europe into.

It may be labelled as gmaprom2. Good Luck, and please to those that don’t know what they are talking about, please stop posting.


Garmin City Navigator Europe NT(and NTU) maps release dates

Works on all Garmin devices that support NT maps. Cheers from the other side of the pond. When the dowload was finally completed after hours I powered up europf Zumo outside. You have to be smarter than the equipment you operate and I’m not sure that I am at this point.

I also updated the BaseCamp software as well. Previously it stated Western Europe. After all, you paid for it, you should be able to use it Results 1 to 10 of It asked me if I wanted to save it to the SD card and I did. You may have to erase, or replace the present CN Europe in the internal memory with an older version so that your zumo doesn’t get confused by having the same map on an sd card as well as in it’s internal memory too.

Log in or Join. I then decided to just download the maps near my destination.

Release Date History for Garmin Maps

Like Caty say,nuvi 30,40 and 50 cant use other jcv becouse on this nuvi work only jcv who is create just for this devices. The image indicates that Hungary has garmib detailed coverage but that doesn’t appear to be the case on my Zumo.


You have to navigate to get to the good. I also panned to London and all of the streets were there.

Release Date History for Garmin Maps | POI Factory

Last edited by Neil; 17th October at No, but I wanna be. At least you will be able to do your trip with some guidance When you have the time, give garmin a call.

M1TankerSep 7, Full coverage France and Benelux Andorra: Fri Jan 27, 5: Full coverage Azores Islands: Sun Jun 13, 9: