Anonymous November 2, at 8: Anonymous October 28, at 2: Anonymous October 27, at 1: K yD3rN July 1, at Download wvs from this blog, then run it and change the 1. To access the fun taverns, type -fun within the first 15 seconds of the game. In this map , IceFrog remove all Christmas decorations and even the balance of new heroes.

get dota 6.64 ai

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After all, this Pit Lord is happiest when he conjures fire to scour his opponents from above, roasting them slowly as the dead literally explode from beneath their feet. Chan Dynasty Dpta 26, at 6: Anonymous October 27, at 4: It will have some fresh new content in addition to the usual improvements.

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So, here is changelog:. Wish you good luck and happy new year. Anonymous October 26, at 1: Feel free to download and enjoy it: Anonymous November 7, at 3: Long awaited DotA Ai 6.


get dota 6.64 ai

Known dots with AI: John December 6, at 7: Its CT version is released In this mapIceFrog remove all Christmas decorations and even the balance of new heroes. And good news pbmn has on working for dota 6.

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Commands that have yet to be implemented properly: K yD3rN July 1, at Time passes so slowly for him that he can evade enemy attacks with ease and find the weakest point to strike back. Anonymous November 2, at 4: Top Posts DotA 6. Anonymous November 2, at 6: DotA was not updated to the latest DOT’s this for a long time to release 6.

get dota 6.64 ai

Anonymous July 5, at 4: What the hell i can i have the 1. Friday, March 2, DotA 6. Now he is nothing more then a faceless void who seeks revenge on the men who have stolen his identity.

This map is ideal for training some strategies or making experiments in DotA Allstars. Anonymous November 9, at 8: Anonymous October 26, at 3: Anonymous October 30, at 7: The AI map is still improving. Gege Dai July 19, at 5: Anonymous January 5, gt 5: I’ll try to post more information about it later. Anonymous October 28, at 2:


get dota 6.64 ai