But for demonstration purposes I am generating a layout here. Even taking efficiency into account you are left with The entire list is not shown here because of its length. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. CutList Plus must be purchased, but it is not expensive, and it is well worth the price.

google sketchup cutlist plugin

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I like to physically check off the parts as I cut them, scribble notes, etc. The learning curve is short, so have fun.

Cutlist for Sketchup – High Tech for the Home Shop

Once I am done cktlist the design, I’d like be able to produce a parts list that I can print out and use to take to the hardware store. First, the Sub-Assembly column has the same entry for all lines and is simply the SketchUp file name.

See plubin picture at left showing how I did this for my tool cabinet. Comments Thanks for the great information! After that, your cut list is ready to take out to the shop with you, either on paper, or on your tablet or smartphone.

My tool cabinet is made of all rough cut hardwood so I normally would not aketchup selected Layout Output options. But I left them in for discussion purposes.


google sketchup cutlist plugin

If you do, those components will not be included in the Component cut list. Remember that I told you not to use Select All in SketchUp to select your model, but rather to use the Select tool and select only the completed model.

A menu page will appear similar to that shown at right.

google sketchup cutlist plugin

CutList for SketchUp is one example that does this It is not necessary to have all parts dimensioned, but it is necessary that all parts be fully defined components groups work too, but if you use groups in place of components ggoogle your model consider your wrist slapped — shame on you.

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The rest of the information I can deal with more easily in CutList Plus. However, I thought you might like to see an example layout, so I did in this case.

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I use this Cutlist Page view primarily as a check to be sure all components were picked up correctly. Any line you do not understand simply click the question mark icon to the right and a helpful text box will appear. Cutlist is available for free at the Sketchup Extensions Warehouse.

Sketchup install cutlist

Now we have our actual dimensions. In sketchhup, the board material you will need is typically called a “Cutlist. The Board Foot per and Board Foot total are the actual Bd Ft used by one component and then factored by the number of instances respectively. Email Required, but never shown.

Boards come in random length and width.

google sketchup cutlist plugin

In fact, Cut List 4. Select Units in the left column and Cutlidt from the Format drop down box. CutList Plus must be purchased, but it is not expensive, and it is well worth the price. The Total Length Feet column I have found no practical use for, but it appears to be the length per component times the number of instances.