The groups in this file will never be given directly to a user, and simply be added to a real groups inheritance. In order to enable permissions on our server, we need to download and install a plugin. A list of what colour codes can be found here. The directory structure when you first generate the config files will look something like this: Essentials is used on a wide range of servers, from large dedicated services, to home hosted servers. When adding new permissions for a plugin it is best practice to add the permissions to a global group and then set a local group as an inheritor.

groupmanager groups.yml

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The standard config is usually something which is very similar to the layout detailed on the main page, groupmqnager you will need to edit the configuration at least a little before use, if nothing else than adding yourself as admin.

You can delete most the groups out of this file, and move the permissions to the groups. Doing so, is down to personal preference, the main thing is to make sure that if you rename or move any groups in global groups, you also update the groups.jml in the inheritance of each world.

Plugins such as EssentialsProtect do.

Group Manager – Essentials

This simply indicates that an admin can access ALL the commands. This causes the specified group to have groupkanager to every command from every plugin. If you wish to add more plugins, these should provide a list of all available permissions so that you can set them up. They are typically used in plugins to alter behaviour, based on groups. Combining a summary node with a negative node can remove access to numerous sub-commands with ease. The GroupManager project has been inactive for quite a while now.



Overrides and gives grousp.yml to create trade signs. A player can only have 1 primary group. The line above is an example of wildcard permissions, which means people in the default group will see all plugins command help, except for factions. For other plugins you will need to check the related documentation.

groupmanager groups.yml

Group Manager supports exception nodes, these will override negative nodes, allowing you to forcefully regain access to commands. On smaller servers you might end up merging the moderator and admin rolls, but most people will have different opinions when it comes to which powers the admin should receive access to, and which powers moderators should receive as well.

This is useful groupmajager most Minecraft servers, as it lets you create a custom caste system. Hardcore will use the groups files from MainWorld but will have its own user file, and all other worlds will use the Hardcore user groupmanagef and Mainworld groups file. Each plugin has its own set of permission nodes, directly relating to the commands from that specific plugin.

The 3rd line stipulates that this will be the group that users join automatically, there can only be one groupmnaager these per config file. For those who have read the How to Install Plugins on a Minecraft Server articles, you’ll remember that we’ve installed the Essentials plugin. Each plugin has its own set of permissions nodes. There are a number of example permissions files available for GroupManager: The default configuration has many more such groups with an array of permissions, and uses something called global groups.


We need to create these two groups in our group file. So where this page disagrees with the video, use this page. A list of groupmanagfr commands groupmabager Essentials can be found here.

You will also need the Essentials plugin, if you wish to follow along with the article.

groupmanager groups.yml

Group Manager supports negative nodes, allowing you to retract access to commands. Now, we need to set up the permissions for our default users. The example config file is a little too big to post here, but it will be automatically generated the first time you start GM. Instead, type this replace Icosebyte by your username:. This website uses cookies to display custom content and advertising.

Group Manager

Most chat plugins will read the prefix and suffix variable to allow you to give players custom names based on their current group. While you’ll probably have no problem using GroupManager, I recommend you use another plugin called PermissionsEx. How do I change the Minecraft server version?