JSP compilation should work out of the box in hosted mode. If you are switching an app from quirks mode to standards mode, your CSS styles might be applied differently, which could also affect your application. A more complete fix was added to the 2. This release includes some minor bug fixes found in the release candidate. The -nosuperDevMode flag may be used to revert to the old behavior. Compiling is much faster after the first compile.


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Improvements in reporting of JavaScriptExceptions in development mode to include the method name and arguments. Asked 9 years, 1 month ago.


Allow absolute paths in ui: There are no breaking changes to pre Once a package has been included, any files in that package become visible no matter where they are physically located. Note, however, that this release is version 1. Gwt-dev-2.1.0.uar toString dispatch for subtypes of native JsTypes. Add whitelist bypass for hosted browser PopupPanel example is wrong.

Compiler changes In draft mode and Super Dev Mode, all compiler optimizations are turned off for better debugging. This release includes some minor bug fixes found in the release candidate.


The GWT Release Notes

In other words, you can use development mode directly gwt-def-2.1.0.jar Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. Addition of pre-deserialization type checking to reduce the number of error messages that occur from attempts to invoke an RPC method with type mismatches r Document gwt-dev-2.1.0jar module source and public tags are now logical rather than physical.

I don’t have a dependency anywhere on my pom for gwt-dev, the plugin takes care of that. This is release candidate 1 of GWT 2. Widgets The deprecated com.

Its name is a strong hash name followed by. The -logLevel flag may be used to adjust how compile errors are reported. Make sure JSNI refs to can be passed around and used as real function pointers. See here for more details.

gwt-maven-plugin appends “-linux” when getting gwt-dev artifact – Stack Overflow

The gwt-dev-2.11.0.jar of each clipped image are computed at compile time while the bundled image file is being created. Fix bad rewriting of default methods.


See the GWT issue tracker for the complete list of enhancements and bug fixes in this release. Super Dev Mode is now the default.


Download JAR files with all dependencies

Warn about native methods in serializable classes Attempting to serialize classes that contain native methods will cause UnsatisfiedLinkErrors if such methods gwt-ddev-2.1.0.jar called in server-side code. GWT apps that inherit the com. The accessibility library introduced in RC1 has been cleaned up for release.

I’ve been trying to get the gwt-maven-plugin to work for me. Bugfix for getBodyOffsetLeft and Top: Later arguments and patterns override earlier ones. SuggestBox makes it easy to add auto-complete functionality. Apps gwt-ddev-2.1.0.jar with DirectInstallLinker should work in a page where inline scripts are forbidden e.

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Upgraded dependencies HtmlUnit 2. Compiler and Linkers Minor optimization improvements. How do we handle problem users? PushButton and ToggleButton are easy-to-customize button widgets that can enhance the look-and-feel of gwf-dev-2.1.0.jar UI.