HtmlUnit does not attempt to emulate authentic browser layout. Cross-site script inclusion is now supported. Fixed a startup failure caused by locked directories on Windows. This could break existing build if an interface is changed to turn a non-default method into a default method. Window needs a private ctor Phone home version checking should actually compare ordering of version number Hosted Mode server throws IllegalArgumentException when system is set to non-english locale Trees have an unsightly pixel left margin. If you have subclassed Panel, please carefully review the new documentation for Panel. Added missing command line parameters to DevMode entry point Fixed a performance regression in String.

gwt dev jar 2.3.0

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Highlights Fixed classloader problems when running web apps in Development Mode.

Maven Repository: » gwt-dev

In a new Vaadin 6. One of these warnings would be issued when a class containing native methods was found to be serializable. Messages” This is my POM gwh which i have upgraded from gwt 2. Also, the Chrome plugin is now in the Chrome store. In other words, to start development mode from the command-line, type ant devmode.

gwt dev jar 2.3.0

This file is tightly coupled with the hosted mode implementation and was not meant to be user overridable. Check your Eclipse project build path for gwt-user and whether your pom explicitly includes gwt-user.


gwt dev jar 2.3.0

The compiler metrics aspect of the Compile Report has been disabled by default. This results in faster startup time for iterative development. The hosted mode server no longer serves hosted.

The -logLevel flag may be used to adjust how compile errors are reported. Most test cases can now simply use the existing application module, which should simplify test case configuration. No repository found containing: Added better type specialization that enables better optimizations.

Drastic improvement in RPC performance in development mode by providing a development-mode-only implementation for RPC. Also some optional dependencies of gwt-user are only included in the one that works. Added support for typed arrays r You could try the latest experimental version of the plugin from the update site http: The serialization policy file contains a whitelist of allowed types which may be serialized.

Documentation Technical documentation for Vaadin. You can get the old behavior by specifying -bindAddress 0.

The GWT Release Notes

Negative byte values passed into JavaScript become positive The rpc servlet needs a thread-local HttpServletResponse to match the thread-local request. This message has now been removed because screen readers and some browsers would display this content to end users.

This feature is automatically enabled when launched via DevMode. Fix an issue in super dev mode with changing compiler options not triggering full recompiles.


Grey out unused Java in source code listings on the code server.

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There is no update site with metadata for devv plugin versions even though the plugin and feature JARs still exist on the site, so no easy way to downgrade. Super Dev Mode Added a -noprecompile option for faster startup.

The add method no longer returns a boolean. I want to know, why there is no way of downgrading the eclipse plugin? Various bugfixes and minor improvements. This makes Java method names available in browser debuggers at the expense of code size.

Potentially breaking changes and fixes DOM.

Maven Repository: » gwt-dev »

Build installable Android apps that rely on App Engine for server-side support. Emulate Java 8 API of java. Attempting to serialize classes that contain native methods will cause UnsatisfiedLinkErrors if such methods are called in server-side code.