I find solution based on hponcfg. Parameter Default value Descriptions Idle Connection Timeout minutes 30 minutes This setting specifies the interval of user inactivity, in minutes, before the web server and Remote Console session automatically terminate. This prevents remote console and telnet sessions from being utilized. Message was edited by: Microsoft and Windows are U. This issue does not occur when key sequences are entered manually through the IRC, but it becomes a problem when the key sequence is sent by iLO.

hponcfg 1.6.0 1 linux rpm

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I can use iLO via IE without problems. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

hponcfg and Red Hat HP Servers

Download the attachment that I added, change to match your variables. However, you can use the hponcfg You can not post a blank message.

To force the browser to refresh, save this setting, and press F5. Do you have an iLO port physically on the back of your server?

hponcfg and Red Hat HP Servers – Ars Technica OpenForum

Take a look at this link. The user must have the configure iLO privilege to execute this command.


This is how I preconfigure ilo ports on new blades when they come in. If you do not use the agents and the host unnamed message appears, you can change it here.

I have a server at a remote location I have no physical access to. Troubleshooting and Operations [V2.

hponcfg 1.6.0 1 linux rpm

The possible values are Yes and No. This setting enables you to specify the host server name. The Console Replay Port is opened on the client to enable the transfer of internal capture buffers to the client for replay.

If the agents are running, the value you assign can be overwritten.

hponcfg 1.6.0 1 linux rpm

I think you have to complete this with physical access. If they haven’t been reset manually the following will help:. The value can be from 0 r;m 39 characters.

The valid values are, and You can logon to the service console via HP iLO Network port scanners can detect that iLO is listening on this port.

For instance, if the user logs in as “JOHN. Of course, if you know the username, password, and dhcp name you can just login I test it and write down result.


hponcfg 1.6.0 1 linux rpm

HP Scripting Toolkit Network port scanners will not normally detect if this port is open on iLO. RPM supported Distribution hponcfg Of course, this also ties into a network install of ESX.

Here’s the install output: Valid values are 15, 30, 60, and Any keys with a space must have the rm replaced with an underscore.

HP Integrated Lights-Out Addendum |

I can also think of scenarios where being able to script into the iLO after OS installation would be useful automated IP change over, authentication rollout across your HP hponcgg systems, etc. I can do this by hponcfg. After enabling directories and selecting the Schema-free option, you have three login options: This port is open only when Shared Remote Console is in use.