Low-cost annual maintenance plan see below. You will be able to upgrade to this version when it is available by paying the price difference. The code becomes atomic because interrupts are disabled. Conditional assembly can be implemented using the. The assembly program has full access to high level global variables the name begins with an underscore.

icc12 compiler

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How to compile with a mixture of assembly and Metrowerks C files. A special directive delimits assembly language code. In Metrowerks you can assess a local variable directly using just its name, and the compiler will convert it to the appropriate SP relative addressing mode. Industry standard output formats: If these instances are kept to a minimum and are not replicated in many different programs, the ivc12 effect on portability may be acceptable.

Equinox Products Page – Imagecraft ICC12 Compiler – for Freescale HC(S)12 Microcontrollers

One difficulty with mixing the assembly with C is that when the compiler is upgraded, compkler compatibility matching must be redone. How to use assembly to optimize a C function. In this example we will optimize the add3 function presented previously in Chapter Enter keywords to find the product you are looking for in the Quick Find field above or use Advanced Search.

If you are writing an assembly language function that is to be called from C, one method to get the parameter passing correct is to write a simple C function that simply passes the parameters. Upon purchasing a non-commercial license, you agree that you will not use the product for any commercial uses, including but not limited to product development and prototyping for potential products.


Supports single-chip and expanded mode. Those alternative ways include using a faster CPU clock speed, upgrading to a more efficient compiler, and upgrading to a more powerful processor.

Icc12 Compiler

The C code from Listing is repeated: The next set of directives icv12 space in memory. IDE with editor, project manager and code browser. You can assess global variables directly using its equivalent assembly name starts with an underscore.

C editor with syntax highlighting, jump to matching braces, block indents and outdents, extensive bookmark support, and code templates.

68HC(S)12 (CPU12) C-Compiler (Imagecraft)

Compiler produces listing files that are usable by most assembly-level debuggers using conversion programs. Chapter 10 presented some examples of compilfr assembly code generated by the compiler when calling a function with parameters.

You will compiled emailed the license key information unless you also select the USB License Dongle, in which case a dongle will be shipped to you. Multiedit interface DLL also available.

Compile this simple C function with your other C code, and observe the assembly language created by the compiler for the simple C function.


icc12 compiler

Again, parameter passing with both functions the assembly calls to the C and the C calls to the assembly must adhere to the standard Metrowerks parameter passing rules: Uncluttered tabbed editor windows.

In this example the C program accesses a global variable lowGlobal and calls a function lowSub defined in the assembly file, and the assembly function assesses a global variable highGlobal and calls a function highSub defined in the C file.

At the end of the critical code, the interrupt status is restored to its previous value. To do this we can use: The use of these two macros requires the definition of an 8-bit local variable called SaveSP.

Instead of writing code list this: The last pseudo-op is used to include other assembly files. The size of the allocated storage is determined by the number of data values in the list.

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This is an appropriate way to execute critical code because once the critical code is started it will finish i. In the following example, InitFifo properly returns with interrupts still disabled.

icc12 compiler

We will name the file add3.