IS there any hardware testing software out there besides the faulty AHT disc software Apple provides? Regular diagnostics did not show failed graphic card. Switched to Apple keyboard and works fine. June 26, at 7: Do I cancel testing or what?

imac8 1 hardware test

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June 27, at 5: I’ve genericised your title to perhaps make it easier for future Googlers to find. May 17, at I haven’t tested this on Inside an admin account it needs to use sudo for ‘blessing’ the system.

imac8 1 hardware test

To proceed, enter your password, or type Ctrl-C to abort. Ya know, I read and re-read this article and found it left out like the most important detail: You need to download the right version of AHT for your machine from here https: This website and third-party tools use cookies for functional, analytical, and advertising purposes.

June 27, at 6: AHT is on harvware second disk.

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June 27, at 1: And then boot with d button pressed. I cleaned installed the internal drive with El Capitan but get the same result. However, it would really help me on my quest if I knew what I was looking for.


Here, have a look at mine.

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Let us know in the comments below! I found several hardrives but they are all very expensive and I am not sure wh. So this bad tet Apple module had fried 3 hard drives and a CPU was the problem. If it fails it is possible to copy over by hand, but that takes a lot of describing.

So, hardwaree I out of luck to run the diagnostics? Hi my DVD drive is dead and i need to do a hardware test now but my macbook pro spits the dvds out. This works for me and released the sticking items in the Finder.

imac8 1 hardware test

So here’s what I’m asking help for: Although hardwware reasonnaably reliable sources including such page as http: I found this out after a frustrating number of attempts with disk one. The hardware test for Snow Leopard is on Disk 2 of your original install disks. It began to boot into the hardware test, but just after the AHT screen appears the computer just shut down.


Enter your email address below:. This happens every time I try to run the AHT. It appears the GPU on mine has failed after 9 years. Unless you have the original disks that came with your computer, there seems to gardware no way to restore the AHT.

Boot from your Mac install gest and if you can run Disk Utility in case the startup disk needs repairs. Apple iMac came in and needed some work done. The absolute last firmware update should have given you: It turns out, a failed GPU is most likely the culprit.

imac8 1 hardware test

So keyboard or keyboard mapping issues may be involved.