Neither are the drums. The synths, though not riding the pitch bender constantly, are still pretty annoying at times. Why not add your own? Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. The chorus sung by Leonna Aho could be viewed as the brave warrior woman, waiting for the Dark One parts sung by Aleksi to descend upon her and her people, with revenge in his heart.

imperanon shadowsouls

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Shadowsouls is found on the album Stained. Musically, this band is quite a bit catchier than sharowsouls of their competition. Instead of running away from that fate, you stay brave and resolute in the face of certain death.

As most of this lineup moved on to bigger and better things, Stained can at the very least be viewed as a requisite stepping stone and time capsule of the scene in which it was released. The song “Hollow Man” broke the monotony of the album with both a much slower riff and clean vocals reminiscent of Axenstar. Most of these songs live or die by the potency of their main melody.

Login with Google Error: Yes, I was correct in my preemptive summation of “melodeath with annoying synths” Imperanon embodies nearly everything that is both good and bad regarding the Finnish melodic metal scene.

Imperanon – Shadowsouls lyrics

DiamheaJanuary 30th, Stained is a highly technical, spirited album that features an excess of classical melodies and audacious synth arrangements.


It’s about personal honor and not giving up, even when you know the game is over. Why not add your own? If the entire album was of the style exhibited impranon these two songs, I would order it, a pack of stickers and a shirt right now.

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The music had almost a folky power metal sound to it and sort of reminded me of Tuatha de Danann or Elvenking My heart is, my heart is dying, I won’t live through another night! The bass is, of course, nothing to speak of. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

Stained is hardly amazing, but it has some endearing individual moments that are easy to enjoy. Regardless, with Sihvonen heading the assault a gaping wound remains that never fully heals, no matter how animated the rest of the performance is. Lyrics powered by LyricFind. There are actually some decent rhythm passages that end up flying under the radar as the guitar and keyboard leads hog the spotlight.

I listen to Yngwie, folks.

AZ | Imperanon – Shadowsouls lyrics (Stained Album)

It features a groovier disposition and more carefully-delivered leadwork. While searching a website I found Blade and downloaded the sample. The clean vox are good, but in the end all they did for me was differentiate this song from the rest of Stained, the song is not really anything particularly special. I heard someone praise this band and call them “power metal with brutal vocals”, and felt an immediate need to acquire the album for the sole purpose of tearing into it.


The synths, though not riding the pitch bender constantly, are still pretty annoying at times. Volg ons op social media.

imperanon shadowsouls

The vocals are extremely typical of Finnish melodeath as well. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. SnowVixenJune 18th, It’s effort is in vain, however, as Stained ‘s sonic approach is flawed at it’s core.

imperanon shadowsouls

Stay away from it unless you really like Norther-type Finnish melodeath. He sucked in Norther and he sucks here, sapping some of the primal delivery out of some of these tracks.

All of the leads tend to be catchy at first, before they repeat a million times, and others simply sound like a bored shredder going up and down the minor scale.

There are also female vocals on “Shadowsouls” for some reason, but they are nearly as painful as Sihvonen so skip that one.