One of the biggest advantages of using WEMPP is that it allows a WMN to reduce the number of hops between the source and destination while the interferences supported by the wireless medium can be decreased. Castalia is a well-known framework for WSN simulation and provides detailed implementation of realistic wireless channel and radio It should be noted that the mere application of an STP in a wired section closes all the ports connecting the wireless and wired medium expect one. Msu video quality measurement tool. Another advantage of the proposed solution is that it can be implemented without any changes in the upper OSI Open System Interconnection layer protocols. In fact the probability of packet loss, interference and collision increases as the number of hops between the source and destination increases [ 26 ]. Addressing these challenges is not an easy task and requires efficient algorithms and protocols.


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Moreover, the simulation results show how incorporating WEMPPs improved the performance of different routing protocols.


Multi-hop technique is included in IEEE Finisar and Xgigand much more. Recall that, direct conversion of IEEE National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.


Abstract Wireless Mesh Networks WMNs cannot completely guarantee good performance of traffic sources such as video streaming. It models the data-path of hosts and switches at the flit transfer level, and can be used to estimate network performance under configurable hardware capabilities, timing and topologies.

WEMPP permits transmitting data through wired and stable paths even when the destination is in the same network as the source Intra-traffic. Support Center Support Center. Otherwise, the WEMPP will act as a conventional mesh node and sends the frame to a mesh node without encapsulation over the Ethernet format. Nevertheless, there are solutions such as Open Shortest Path First OSPF routing protocol [ 11 ] which intend to extend the original wired routing protocols to cope with wireless links.


The selection of the WEMPP with the highest RSTP priority could attend to diverse criteria such as the distance to other nodes, economical reasons or performance issues. Implemented protocol levels include: However, the current network simulators and frameworks for WMSNs do not support the QoE and video-aware transmission natively.

Promoting Wired Links in Wireless Mesh Networks: An Efficient Engineering Solution

Moreover, DYMO has been employed as the basis to model a spanning tree routing protocol. These results clearly show how WEMPP increases video quality on nodes, because they can buffer more number of video packets before their playback times.

Furthermore, there is no need to change the functions of IP layer and routing protocols. The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. This operation would cause a high network overload. The proposed solution does not modify the functions of the IP layer.

Omnet InetManet Installation –

How do we handle intemanet users? In this configuration, the portals for accessing the wired links were modified to promote the use of wired connections. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Network coding efficiency in live video streaming over Peer-to-Peer Mesh networks; 12—13 July Resource consumption and the effects of these existing drawbacks e.

Also, several methods for modelling applications can be used in iCanCloud: However, in our situation it degrades the performance of the system since it prevents the two inetmanft nodes from relying on the wired section as a shortcut.


A conventional bridge would discard all the frames generated in the wireless domain following the RSTP rules in these port-blocked machines. In one condition, the elements with connection to both mediums are routers. Then, wireless frames can exclusively enter or exit the wired medium through the designated port in portal A, regardless of the number of other potentially available ports or the distance between the communicating nodes.

Omnet InetManet Installation

Nevertheless, VPN is not dynamic in nature and would require manual configuration with every topological change in the wired section. The convenience is determined by the routing metric so no all intra-traffic necessarily traverses the Ethernet. In these figures, no aggregation means that each packet includes only one or a part of one video frame while aggregation mode means each packet can contain more than one video frame. The aforementioned changes increase the total number of successfully received video packets TSRP and, consequently, reduce video distortion.

RSTP avoids loops when several ports are connected to the same broadcast domain. To examine the efficiency of WEMPP in live video streaming, we ran the simulation 5 times and calculated the average values of each variable of interest Figs.