And the crowd was raucous and grew impatient by the time the movie entered the second half. Serves me right for watching this after being warned. A fantasy thriller that revolves around a couple in love, and their adventurous travels through time and to parallel realms fighting powerful worldly creatures. Everything is bad except a few CGI sequences and camera angles; the location of the village is well chosen and is beautiful; they convey the climate of the location very well; and that’s it! There came the best line in the book. And after a long time Priyanka looked good.

irandam ulagam climax scene

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Irandam Ulagam’s final scheudle in Uzbekistan. You could even say this road trip. I liked scee Aayirathil Oruvan a lot.

But this can also be due to budget and time constraint. Kamal and Arjun look unnaturally older than their age in the film. There are three acts involving him.

If the column infringes any copyrights that you hold, please email us at columns behindwoods. Seem to ulavam shot in some Norwegian village with only Arya and Anushka look different from others.

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I get a feeling writers should collaborate with other specialists to get some credibility into stories. Though the idea of using a specific set of people for the second world was commendable, the lack of make up to make the lead pair look like the rest was a huge mistake.


MANK November 23, To put it short, loving a person sincerely makes love itself becomes your destiny, regardless of the person you love. Of course you may not like that sort of thing — and that has to do with your expectations of cinema, the way you are wired, etc.

irandam ulagam climax scene

As an experimental movie product of this part of the earth, it got acclaim from fans and critics but the movie had few minus points too. When Rakshitha and Darshan met after a decade. It could be that we expected many Selva Moments in the film. BR, I think the love story set in Earth had its moments. But good for her, everything vanishes once Toto gets the job of Alfredo and feeds her.

The Dora and David part was adorable. Cinematography is on par with screenplay and in certain cases exceeds the latter.

irandam ulagam climax scene

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Especially those birds flying around far away in the sky and the lion hunting scenes were looked like some video game characters. In first half, Arya and Anuska’s love in Earth is pure Bliss. I had 15 people watching an evening show in a ecene city.


irandam ulagam love scene

I appreciate his boldness, but this movie sucks like hell. Okay, now lets talk about the negative side of the movie.

Before that comes the best scene of the movie. Other blogs Reel Two. It gave me the Iranian film effect.

Irandam Ulagam () – Irandam Ulagam () – User Reviews – IMDb

Music was brilliant but at some places it as too misleading. CG effects and camera were worth enough for a Thamizh movie with the given budget. Climaxx, I’ll say the things that are good. Select a City Close. Mahalaya, then and now. See which movie I selected to watch finally.

irandam ulagam climax scene

With road being a metaphor with life.